Tattoo Time

Well it had been about 6 months since my last tattoo was finished so it was time.  It’s funny that getting tattooed for me is such a ‘therapeutic’ process.  Afterwards I always feel like someone has pushed the ‘reset’ button on my mood and attitude towards just about everything.  Must be all the adrenaline and endorphins that are released! 

Anyways – My good friend AA got some amazing peacock feathers that have been a long time in the making so it was so great to see her finally get them!  I need to grab another photo of the beads that are on the other side of her arm – the detail is just so great.  Not to mention she sat for this 3 hour tattoo like a champion – it is the size of her forearm. 


I had been thinking about a little wizard since the last time I finished up my wolf tattoo so the FANTASTIC Alisha Rice was kind enough to not only sneak me in before AA, but give me the greatest ‘skwizard.’  I love him.  I also at first thought she had used white in the skull, but no-no-no that’s just how ‘blanco’ I am.  


I also swiped these photos from Alisha’s instagram (thanks!)  I really need to get an instagram account.  BUT If you live in Denver you HAVE to check Alisha out.  If not, why not do a destination tattoo vacation ?? – all the cool kids do it.

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