LinkedIn For Jobs & the 3 Month Freak Out.

Well I for one cannot believe that it is almost full blown summer time.  In a few weeks I’ll be heading to Chicago and then Baltimore for a music festival and I know after that the summer will ZOOM by.  (Some of those band names are terrible – I’m going for YOB & Electric Wizard) 


Of course, I have been casually looking for companies of interest and industry in the Chicago area so I can work there ASAP.  Yesterday I met with a graduate career counselor and after talking with her I realized… this is going to be HARD.  I mean everything – the job market is so competitive and new technology like LinkedIn are being focused on for networking to make connections.  I guess I still consider LinkedIn to be similar to Facebook, even though it is a professional platform.  The counselor suggested googling companies, adding contacts from there on LinkedIn and then emailing the individuals to set up informational interviews.  I had never heard of an informational interview and I plan on doing a few now that I know how beneficial they can be, but I don’t want to be meeting with tons of people and have it not really lead anywhere/be annoying otherwise incredibly busy people. 


My original plan was just to meet with several executive recruiting firms, pick one then pick a job that suits me.  Since they specialize in more advanced jobs and not just ‘temp’ or administrative jobs, I figured they would know a good fit/match with my specifications.  Not that I don’t love answering phones and greeting people, but I just spent the last two years learning to be an advanced Economist, not take another front desk job.  I’ve come to realize those never really lead to the position you want anyways – unless you give it years.  

Regardless – I plan on meeting with some other HR people to help with the search and get advice on just how to start this ‘job search.’  My pop had some more great kind words for me last night when we went to dinner.  He told me I have to stop trying to control this process.  So true, yet so hard.  It is downright frightening not only moving to a new city, but having the pressure of finding the RIGHT job quickly.  I have come to the decision that I will move no matter what at the time I had planned, with or without a job.  Of course I’ll have a time frame and schedule for getting that job, because unemployment is not really my thing.  Still yikes – without me having a job it’s riding on one income and praying housing/food/bills/etc stay as projected.    

Don’t get me wrong I’m willing to bust my behind for the right job.  I am more than willing to meet anyone, do the leg work, and pester someone until they see how great an employee I am.  I just got a reality check yesterday when I realized just how hard job searching really is especially because this is my career now, not just a summer job.  

Well I’m going to stay optimistic and continue to work hard on my thesis (the more that is done before I move the better!!!). 

Hope everyone is having a productive and thoughtful week. 


One thought on “LinkedIn For Jobs & the 3 Month Freak Out.

  1. A new city is so much fun. Take the time, MAKE the time to explore and enjoy getting to know Chicago, it’s one of my favorite cities ever. It has history, a fabulous look and a fabulous lake, it’s comfortable and friendly, with just an excellent vibe. Tons to see and do, so make sure to see all of it.
    I remember when we moved to Denver, it instantly felt like home, and it has many of the same qualities as Chicago, on a much smaller scale. I will have to be sure to visit you in Chicago, LOL.

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