Blog Vacation

Well it has been A WHILE since my last post and I wish I had been on a vacation, but really I was busting out the first chapter of my thesis.  I even accidentally hit command S at the end of that sentence – that’s how trained I am to save after each thought.  Overall I am pleased at how this thesis is coming- I still have more detail I want to add, but sometimes I think it’s just important to get the main idea out there then mull it over and add more later.  Anyways I’ve been working on this/lying to myself for the past two weeks so I was so relieved to finally ‘rest’ when I finished my first draft today. 

So instead of words words blah blah blah to describe the past few weeks I thought I would show some pictures. A lot has happened and on Wednesday I’ll be leaving for a week to vacation in Chicago and see some doom bands in Baltimore.  I cannot wait for this trip – we are road tripping the entire way and I know it might get boring, but I am so excited to spend so much time with my man and see a part of the country I have never seen. I’ll try to update on our trip, but we’ll see maybe I’ll be having too much fun for the internet (is that even possible???).

So without further ado – my last week and one half in photos:


My man’s new tattoo by Alisha Rice. Photo by Alisha Rice.


Game of Thrones Geoffrey Pinata. Photo By Alisha Rice.


Beginner’s Bento Kit!  Yeah Amazon!!


I knit 3 different cowls. Leopold modeled each of them for me.


Laser cat tried to attack me while working my thesis – dozens of times.


Cowboy Vladimir keeping Uptown safe from chad-debauchery. 


Thinking Words. Especially applicable during thesis writing times.


Summer Farmer’s Market Time – Hooray!!


Again something to be said while I write my thesis that ‘no one will read.’


Trying to learn Polish on Rosetta Stone. Obviously a sign I should keep going. Pies je!!


Me and my buds. 


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