Chicagoland & Maryland Deathfest

What a week-ish!  I still am recovering from our cross country drive (Denver to Baltimore via Chicago and Back). In case you’re wondering it is a 27 hour drive each way – I know, I know stupidest idea ever.  Well maybe not ever, but pretty close.  I thought I’d share a few photos from Chicago and then from Deathfest.  Obviously Chicago is always a great time and I really enjoyed having a car there for once. (Sorry CTA and environment)  We stayed with one of my man’s friends and were able to see quite a bit and scope out potential neighborhoods too.


Here I have a crappy windows phone skyline photo from I-55.


Some much needed woder and the Big Star menu.


Big Star bar view; it was quite busy for a Thursday afternoon.


The coasters at The Wormhole Cafe (remember these?!)


We made a trip down to 3 Floyd’s in Munster, Indiana. Yummy!


My man’s new niece.  Baby Nicole is too adorable.


If anyone knows me they can tell you I’m petrified by birds – however the movie Rio really changed my life and here I am with dziadek (grandpa’s) pigeon. I’m becoming acquainted with Polish life/words day by day.

Now for Deathfest.  Although the ‘fest ran from Thursday-Sunday, we only went on Sunday.  We decided that was the day our favorite bands would play and the cost of staying in Baltimore was not worth it for the whole weekend.  Baltimore itself was a bummer.  The food was bleh, the people were RUDE!, and the city itself was just not ‘that cool.’  I guess I had envisioned another version of D.C., and it was not like that at all.  Of course we’ve watched The Wire and that side of Baltimore was pretty accurate, but overall we were not impressed.  I think this will be the first and last Deathfest we partake in since Denver/Chicago usually get all the bands that played.  The highlights were YOB, Church of Misery, and of course Electric Wizard.


They decided to go shirtless so they could find each other easily. (This tactic worked way too well)


Church of Misery from Tokyo was amazing – they even sold their own merch.


YOB killed it. I looked over at one point and saw my significant other crowd surfing NICE!


The only girls of our group – loved hanging with them. (it was so hot waiting for YOB Sweatfest 2012)

I didn’t get a chance to take photos during EW as the ‘mosh/sway’ pit was too intense and I would have lost my phone.  We even left the front halfway through because it was too crazy and then my phone died… of course.

Overall a great vacation.  Although I think I’ll keep destination music fest road trips a few years apart.

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