Car Shows & Red Rocks

I had a really nice weekend that is extending into this week since family is in town.  It has been really fun getting to visit, cook, and hang out with a part of my family I rarely get to see.  There is only one thing that is not all ‘rosey.’  My grandma seems to be declining in health on a daily basis and this has been really hard to witness.  I first noticed a huge change when I came back from vacation – I had been gone for only 10 days, but it felt like years in terms of the poor shape she was in.  It is only continuing and all I can do is hope that she is not in too much pain or discomfort and that her family is giving her peace and calm. 

That was very much a ‘debby-downer’ post, but it is weighing on me greatly.  However, I did have a good weekend and was able to do some not so normal things.  First, a few of us went to the Concours D’Elegance car show – which is an exotic and classic car show.  It was fun there, but I was not expecting the thousands of people who attended.  There were hundreds of cars and quite a few unique ones that I had never seen in person.  






I almost died when I saw this tiny and unusual BMW – could you just see Vladimir and Leopold riding in it!!! AHH!


Yesterday we headed up to Red Rocks Amphitheater – it is a gorgeous outdoor venue for concerts and movies in the foothills of the rockies.  Anybody who is somebody has played there before and I have been lucky enough to see dozens of shows up there.  It really is amazing when the sun goes down and the view of the city and the moon are the backdrop for whatever music is currently on my playlist.   I plan on going to a few shows and movie nights there this summer, because I’m pretty sure Chicago has nothing like this! 

Yesterday, my cousin took photos of my other cousin for her senior photos – it was gorgeous scenery for such a shoot.  It made me remember how terrible my senior pictures were and how awkward the experience was.  Plus I didn’t know how to do my hair or makeup back then…. cute! NOT. 



You can see a hazy downtown in the photo above – the bizarre humidity and the wild fires have left the horizon looking smoggy and ugly lately. 

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