Busy + Random SF trip

Yikes – this Fall (all week of it) has really flown by.  I have to say I’m starting to freak out about the status of my thesis.  I mean writing it is not too bad, but all the coordinating and administrative work is just over the top.  It seems that every other day the admin (bless her heart) sends me another form that is due in a few days and I spend the next few days scrambling to fill it out and coordinate with everyone on my committee (which still is not finished) AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Despite being a nervous anxious wreck at the thought of having to postpone graduation even farther (till March 2013), I did get to bug out to San Francisco last week for almost the whole week!  It was great there – got to meet up with some amazing friends and meet a lot of new spectacular people.  Not to mention I got to see one of my favorite doom metal bands- YOB.  If you’re a normal follower you’ll remember I saw them in Baltimore, but seeing them for a third time this year was amazing.  I also saw a great band Acid King, that I listen to on my IPhone but had never seen live.  Well worth the wait for them too – the lead singer sold me my shirt and overall it was an amazing concert.

Albeit I did hash into some Chicago move money for this trip, but it was worth it – I needed a break from reality and time with some good friends. I didn’t take too many photos in SF because my phone was almost always dying or I didn’t want it to get stolen by acting all touristy – so here are the few pics I took there.



haight street wizard. i love.


Acid King Shirt I bought. more wizard….


Acid King Rocked.


YOB of course rocked as usual.

Yob just rocks and the guys in that band are great.  I got to talk to Mike a bit before the show and he really is as good as it gets in terms of musicians.

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