Swim Suit Season

Swim suit season…..

I find the month before official swim suit season is the most exciting – the ‘oh god – it’s here that time of year where everyone wants to be almost naked in the sun’ feeling.  Swim suits obviously bring up an entire other issue of female body degradation and cementing ideals of what society thinks women should look like in water-safe underwear.  But, swimming and wearing a swim suit is a fun season activity for me, because I love swimming and lounging around in hot weather with the option of jumping in the water and I don’t really care what society has to say about it.  Obviously, looking at me I’m not the most ‘sun-friendly’ gal. 

 I like to stay shockingly pale for several reasons: 

  1. my tattoos stay vibrant and beautiful
  2. it prevents the horrible burn scenario that takes weeks to fully heal from
  3. it’s kind of my ‘thing’ now to be so pale – porcelain doll skin as it’s been coined
  4. I really don’t want skin cancer or in 15-20 years have a dermatologist carve chunks of skin and moles out of my body… cute right? sorry for detail

However, I’m really excited for swim suit season this summer.  For one, there’s a giant lake and tons of beaches in my new home!  I’ve only gone to the beach on vacation so it will be quite a treat to be able to go whenever I want!  But, I’m more excited because I found the motherload of vintage inspired swimsuits.  Modcloth is a really ‘cute’ or ‘chick’ website (as my German mentor would say).  Most of the time their clothes are a little too retro for me.  It gets kind of out of hand quickly with the bangs and tattoos to suddenly morph into one of those Rockabilly girls (not that there’s anything wrong with that ala Seinfeld).  Anyways most of the dresses and pants are just a little too much especially because they are expensive. Okay, but back to the swimmies. 


Glorious –  Mythical of the Wild Swimsuit 


Look at this one with sleeves! 




I. WANT. IT. ALL. – now in keeping with the theme of the rest of the site these suits are Expensive (with a capital E).  But they are far more cute than the Target swimmy aisle – $20+ for just bottoms at Target … NO effing WAY. Especially because Target suits NEVER fit well and I’ve had lots of awkward moments in the past in a Target brand suit. 

Now I know the cutest ones are going to sell out soon – it’s hard to justify buying a suit that is $100+ dollars, but I think with the close access to the beach (and hopefully a pool here or there – maybe a vacation to St. Petersburg this summer) I can actually justify it.  I mean at the end of the day I’m just stimulating the American economy and that above anything supports all the patriotic holidays that occur during swim suit season, right? 

I salute you America and your love of bikinis!

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