Yikes!  I can’t believe I have not updated my blog for so long.  I promised myself I wouldn’t leaving it hanging again.  Well I’ve been busy, but I don’t really have anything to show for it.  There’s been some drama but more on that later.

I’ve been reading A LOT.  I decided to start reading on the train and it’s run over to my breaks, lunch, and evenings.  I finished the new Dan Brown book Inferno – really a great premise.  Being an environmental economist I am extremely worried about over-population and this book asks some serious questions that I too have asked myself.  Worthy of reading and no precursors are necessary to jump on board the Langdon wagon.  I also have read a few sci-fi novels and I hate to say it, but I read the 50 Shades of Grey series.  My honest opinion?  It’s the least cheesy of any ‘smut’ book I’ve ever read, but I would enjoy more of a plot.  Honestly, most fantasy and sci-fi books have the same level of errrmm… intensity…. but a real plot not a ‘oh my god Christian is a billionaire and I don’t want to be his sub!’. 

What else?  I started running again – huge deal for me.  I’ve had a hard time committing to running for 5 years now – wow time flies.  I stopped running consistently because of emotional (i.e. relationship drama) reasons and I’ve regretted dropping this discipline ever since.  I went from 5 miles a day to nothing – having that high mileage standard as a requirement to even put my shoes on.  Now I’ve gone back to 2 miles total.  It’s fun – it’s over before it’s even begun and I know it will grow to a nice length that manageable. 

We spent Memorial Day with the Dude’s family – it was wonderful.  It’s been hard to celebrate holidays since my grandmother passed especially because I live oh 1000 miles away from my family, but the Dude’s family is so sweet.  They have made it easier to enjoy weekends and holidays and being around family is always so nice. The Dude is a master griller – no joke – I know how to choose ’em eerrr – well I mean finally I got lucky (for all of you that have had to listen to my previous dating stories ! ! ).



So to the drama….  Leopold was vaccinated for a lot of new threats last thursday (one week ago).  Since Monday he has been ill – gagging, coughing, and acting tired.  I thought ‘oh it must be a side effect or a small cold’, well tonight it finally got to be too much.  I was walking him and he sneezed and turned around and had blood running out of his nose – like bloody nose status.  It was incredibly scary he has never had a sniffle or as much as a paper cut before this so I FREAKED.  Thank the universe, the Dude calmed me down enough to get Leopold to the vet and again sooth my hysteria in the mean time (Honestly – I’ve never felt so lucky).  After almost 3 hours the vet could pretty much say he had kennel cough or some kind of acute respiratory virus.  He had about 1 week of ‘uncovered’ vaccine time from last year’s shots and I’m glad with some antibiotics he will get better soon.

Well I’m exhausted and have a small kitten waiting to play fight with my toes.  Hope everyone had a good week. 

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