Chicago – Chicagoan

I think moving to Chicago was the best adult decision I have ever made.  Considering that wearing gauchos, dating a few sociopaths, and letting someone shave a blob-star into the back of my hair with a straight blade were also adult choices – I guess I should just be proud I’m getting better at making choices.  It’s not that I don’t like or appreciate Denver, but no amount of Wash Park, alcohol, mountains, or pho was gonna keep me satisfied there.

So why did I choose Chicago?  Well, for starters it’s a giant city.  The thought of disappearing into a city as well as having unlimited options for activities was my dream!  No one even cares here what my routine, schedule, eating habits etc are – in Denver everyone has to participate in the conversation and situation.  Here, unless someone throws up on you or waves feces in your face, you pretty much mind your own damned business.  The people who do gossip are the little cute Polish ladies at the market and even then I can’t understand them, but I’m sure they only speak of how European I look in my running pants, and that I have the grace of a swan reaching for items on high-up shelfs.  But seriously, this town doesn’t put up with BS.  No way, no how.  I actually think there’s a sign at Midway that says “Chicago – no bullshit, no drama, no bad food” – okay maybe there isn’t but there should be.  Further, I had a pre-programmed group of family and friends that I selfishly absorbed like the Blob from The Dude.  That felt like somewhat of a security blanket for moving to somewhere I’d only been on vacation to twice.  I honestly think Chicago was the challenge I needed to really move forward as a human being.

Denver, although alluring and attractive had lots of scabs and unhealed wounds for me.  I know it’s surprising, but I do hold grudges… okay, okay, so it’s not so surprising, but I’m a loyal person and being deceived means being on my sneer and glare list for the foreseeable future.  It’s nice to be in a place where there is no past for me holding me back and paralyzing me, only a future with no limits.  If the future Brianna was some how able to go back in time and tell me how great my life in Chicago would be, I don’t think I’d believe her.  Chicago has made me so happy and much to the chagrin of The Dude I am already comfortable enough to declare myself a Chicagoan.  I know, I know, six months isn’t really a long enough time frame to force Chicago to adopt me, but it feels like home here and I’m glad to have made the very grown up choice to move here and start fresh.

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One thought on “Chicago – Chicagoan

  1. Congratulations on your move to the Windy City. I went to college at St. Norbert, in DePere, just outside Green Bay. Many friends and many visits to Chicago. Unlike NYC, the streets make sense in their layout.

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