The Pug Meet Up. I’m a Loner Dottie.

Leopold and I had a little adventure on Sunday.   We both branched out from our feline friends and tried to meet new pugs/pug people.  The Pug Meetup – organized through the great website MeetUp – was held at an actual animal events center.  It was pretty nice to have a space that is dog ready and friendly.  I had tried to attend a larger Pug Event here in the early summer, but that was when Leopold was sneezing blood so I opted out of taking him.  This event was smaller, but still quite full of pugs and pug people.

If Leopold had a motto it would be “I’m a loner Dottie, a rebel.”  Truly.


On our way to the Pug Meet up – don’t worry I was parked outside.

So we arrived at the pug meetup.  (Note to self – next time bring sodas/water for myself because it was a serve yourself alcohol bar.) Leopold looked cute in his Halloween bandana I made earlier that day.  Since it was raining in Chicago I opted for a “Seattle-themed” outfit which basically entailed a beanie and my canvas Doc Martin’s.  PREPARE FOR BLURRY PHOTOS!

Cue up “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys starting now.

Leopold was interested, but didn’t wander more than five feet away and he kept coming back to ‘check-in’ every thirty seconds.  That was fine with me though, because we were the ‘new kids’ in the group.  Everyone was very friendly, but I had to approach and start talking with people.  Then they were all smiles and full of pug info, questions, and answers.


Leopold primarily wandered around alone.  The photo above was a general descriptor for his mood as ‘woe is me here at the pug meet up.”  No surprise since this is how I operate in real human life.  (It may come as a shock – or not – that I do 85% of the things I do alone so he has only been provided this example).  I could tell he was getting unsettled – I felt weird saying this out loud when I noticed him looking agitated, but I know him okay?!  I asked him if he wanted to leave and he jumped on my legs, which is out code for “GET THE EFF OUT!”  Again – I know Leopold, we’re family.

All in all it was fun.  I would definitely maybe try to drag a human friend along next time just to break the ice a little better.  I’ll bring some tasty drink mixes for myself and to share too.  Plus, I know the more often we go the better Leopold will feel there and me too.

Till the next pug event!

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