Your Stereotypical Fall Praising.

We have had our first few days of fall-esque weather here in Chicago and I love it.  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  The holidays, the cinnamon smells, and of course the CRAFTS! make it really entertaining and fun for me.  I also love the wardrobe change and all the knits that come out.  Here are the things I’m wearing/doing/loving this fall! (That photo above is from last Fall in Denver and possibly the best photo I’ve ever taken of Leopold.)
My Fall Style

All Saints Char Boyfriend Sweater

I really have been in love with Black Salt’s clothing too especially this dress:

Pumpkin Spice Coffee  – from An Edible Mosaic ; because I don’t eat sugar anymore or dairy.

Harry Potter Knitting – Yes, I bought this.  Yes, I will make it all.

Off Limit Architectural Tour – Usually off limits areas are open to the public.  I’m really excited about this now that I’m discovering Chicago fully.
Margaret Cho! I have tickets to see her in October and I cannot wait!  I just love her and her comedy and I just love her (did I say that already?)  BECAUSE I LOVE HER. Check out if she’s coming to your city here.



Then, Lois will be in town for Design Harvest.  “This one of a kind fest features Chicago’s best local furniture and home accessory makers, vintage and antique collectors, and local retailers of home design.”  I’m pretty excited I’m sure there will be some great finds here.

Opening the Vaults Wonders of the World’s Fair!  I feel like I should shout this when I say it like an old timey announcer.  This should be very interesting as this fair shaped so much of modern day Chicago.


Fall is FUN!


5 thoughts on “Your Stereotypical Fall Praising.

  1. I’m so jealous!!! 1-because you are so lucky to live in Chicago, and 2 – because here in Louisiana we have yet to see any even tease of fall weather. It’s still hot, muggy and humid!!! Please enjoy it for me!!!

    PS – Checked out your Etsy page! Great stuff, you may be getting an order from me soon!! 😀

    Have a great day and Happy Fall!!

  2. OMG, I so wish I could make it back to the Midwest for that World’s Fair exhibit! You’re really making me miss Chicago. Have you read the book “Devil in the White City?” It would be the perfect companion to the Field Museum show, and with Halloween around the corner, a true-life murder mystery is perfectly timely.

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