Childhood Photo

Birthday '92 or '93.
Birthday ’92 or ’93.

So any family and some friends know my birthday always merited a GIANT party. I loved these and actually this year, being in Chicago – was the first time I have not had a giant family/friends birthday party in almost 3 decades! It actually made me want to cancel having my birthday this year and move it!

Anyways this was in 1992-1993, a rare picture of Lois in the lime green. My entire extended family is there and I just loved moments like these. Growing up in a larger family made it so that events were GIANT and so fun. One of the few things I miss about living close to them is having these awesome get togethers at least once a month. Since my birthday is in July, we would have my party in the backyard and run wild. Lois would make spaghetti and we would all PIG OUT. My great aunt Nita would always give me PJs which I loved and I would clean up nicely in the toy/game/money department. I always had wonderful birthdays growing up and these pictures from this specific one remind me that maybe summer isn’t so bad.


2 thoughts on “Childhood Photo

  1. It truly is more fun when you’re celebrating your birthday with all your aunts and uncles and cousins present! It makes the celebration even more complete! THanks for sharing Bree! 😀

  2. You were always fully involved in the planning/THEME/décor. Yes THEME. How about the black, white silver Hollywood photo these with negative die cuts. The elaborate cakes – Pocahantas crafted on blazing hot summer days and so large they hat to be stored in the downstairs laundry room. Pre-Prep when Aunt Lori would haul you off to the movies while your staff finished the final preparations. Favorite….2nd b-day when we went with Schatze and the 2 german girls got their official portraits taken. I still have your lederhosen. Your b-days were reunions and EVENTS!

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