Giving up something – OCT Blog Challenge

How I felt rolling out of bed on Monday – AK AK AK!

Okay, so if you talk to me during the day at any point you will probably hear me complain a little or okay maybe a lot depending. It’s not ‘over dramatic’ or constant, but sometimes my commute, my lunch, my co-workers do things to my stress/expectations that make me eyeroll like no one’s business.

This cube is *eyeroll* free.

Yesterday the prompt was to give up something. I chose to not complain all day long. It started off rocky because I burnt my eggs for breakfast, the bus was 10 minutes late, BUT I get to work 15 minutes early so it wasn’t really a big deal. Complain zone 1 – PASSED.

Work was great because it was BUSY. No time to be irritated or eyeroll because I had jobs to get done! Also I listen to Spotify and send songs/messages to friends during the day which cracks me up. I knitted during lunch and got another set of baby moc-socs worked on for a co-worker who just had a baby. You guys were all sure busy during 2012/winter 2013. 😉

When I got home I had to make so much chicken I bought at Dominick’s on sale so I’d had those marinating for a few days and baked them simple at 400F for 30ish. So phew- lunches for the next week are done! Then I drank several decaf/caf espressos from the all mighty Nespresso machine and caught up on all my TV I missed last week and knitted a “zoned-out project.” Which is just what I needed. Tonight will be a all sew-night. I have to get Winnie the Witch done – she has half her head stitched on – very Sanderson Sisters of her.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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