Blog Challenge : Rainy Day

Today’s Blog Challenge is what I like doing on a rainy day.

There are more rainy days here in Chicago than Denver. I like it though. Except when I get caught in a deluge walking home from the train – then it’s not really so magical. BUT – when I’m in doors I really dig the rain.

Here’s some stuff that makes a rainy day even better:

Knitting DUH.
Enjoying the best espresso with almond milk and flavored stevia.

Browsing my favorite blogs – check out a few.

Carrots n Cake
Peanut Butter Runner

Using my cricut machine/making cards:

Calling family/friends and catching up:

excuse me sir – do you know that phone probably gave you a tumor?

Watching old movies:

Watching PBS-BBC shows – damn you Downton!

Taking a nap with 1-2 or all 3 members of the ugly tribe:


What do you do on rainy days? It’s nice getting to relax on those kinds of days especially if you do not have to go to work or school!

3 thoughts on “Blog Challenge : Rainy Day

  1. Oh, I absolutely love your kitties. I we lived in the same city, you would be looking for them every day, 🙂 at my place!
    Enjoy the rainy weather, it is so nice, and perfect for knitting.

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