Brie: The Smelliest Cheese

So today’s Blog Challenge post is kind of hilarious to me. 3 Scents that remind you of a good or bad memory.

First of all – I spent a good hour giggling and realized I have the maturity of a 13 year old. Then I started thinking ‘critically’ about smells that I like/dislike. I quickly ‘x-nayed’ the bad smells, because I have quite a few random smells that launch me back into frozen states of panic. I don’t know why, but that smell when they drill your teeth at the dentist makes me want to vomit. Wait I DO KNOW WHY. It’s because they are drilling my teeth. Ok. Moving on good smells, good smells….

1. Carolyn Mary’s Craft Room
Now this room at my grandmother’s house in Denver was unique. It smelt like potpourri, hazardous chemicals from glue, and faintly of cigarettes. On their own each smell would be enough to illicit a headache, but none of these smells were overpowering. Together they melted to create a scent I can recall just from memory that makes me warm and smile. Going into her craft room meant that I got to spend time with her, help her, and the best – craft with her. That smell is unforgettable.

2. Burtrue’s Tobacco Pipe
I see a theme with tobacco products appearing… It’s true though and my love for the smell of smoke related items probably began in Cloudcroft, NM. My grandpa frequently had a pipe in hand or mouth and the smell of his tobacco and the mixture of all the nature in that little valley he and Joyce Fern lived in was the best. I love that smell. As an adult I have come across that exact pipe tobacco smell once and I damn near huffed the scent at a tobacco shop. I almost bought some loose leaves too just to hide in my house (I still might do this – nothing wrong with huffing some tobacco leaves to remind you of family).

3. BBQ/Grilling
Come on – this has to be one of the best smells in the world. FOOD. Man now I want a BBQ to attend….

What kind of smells do you love or hate?

One thought on “Brie: The Smelliest Cheese

  1. I loved this blog post. It sure brings back loads of memories. Some of my most favourite smells would include 2 that reminds me of growing up as a child on a farm, being a wood-fire in the stove, and fresh brewing coffee. There is many more, I would say it would have to be the smell of the air during a thunderstorm.

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