Happy, Happy, Happy

How would you define ‘Happiness’?


I’m gonna take a page from Phil Robertson here and just say life is ‘happy, happy, happy.” If you’ve read previous posts here on GFK, you would have noticed (I hope) that being happy is the main point I make over and over. So how would I define happiness? I think being one’s ‘authentic self’ is true happiness. That means doing your thing – no matter what. I have compromised the things that matter to me before and it’s just a drag. It is amazing to see how inspired and inspiring I can be when I am working towards my authentic self and not forcing myself to go along with things I don’t believe in.

For me happiness can be described as; feeling good physically/mentally (sober bhud), loving family, downa$$ supportive friends, my tribe (aka the Pugkeeks), knitting, sewing, embroider, okay let’s just say crafting, eating well, music, elders, and glitter.

GFK is a pretty happy babe, that’s for sure.


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