5 Favorite Blogs & 5 Fav Apps

I took a blogging mini break… deal with it. I’ve been BUSY. I also kind of have blown the November Daily Blog Challenge already so let’s try to get mildly caught up. Here is a two-fer.

I’ve shared several blogs prior with you here, but I’ll go ahead and list the full 5 for today’s November blog challenge.

1. Oh Happy Day – the cutest party planning blog ever…. ever.
2. makeXdo – Jen from knitXmidwest’s blog
3. Cartoon Network Adventure Time blog
4. peanutbutterrunner
5. lookbook.nu

My top 5 apps
There is no surprise here: The Simpsons Game, Moldiv for photo collages, Flickr, Beemo (Adventure Time) and of course my end-all Instagram.


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