Andy & Iris Chicago Food Tour Part 1

My cousin Andy and his lady Iris came into town this weekend to visit me – I’m just kidding they came to eat food, I just happened to live here. 😉

We went to a great Japanese comfort food place called Wasabi by my house in Logan Square on Friday night for dinner. It was to die for. They had so many dishes/options. There were dozens of sushi/nigiri/sashimi choices and they had my favorite – Wasabi Tobiko. I will be going here from now on. YUM.

The Cubby Roll. Clever North Side jokery but good roll.
The Cubby Roll. Clever North Side jokery but good roll.
Syou Tonkotsu Ramen
Syou Tonkotsu Ramen

Then we went to the world famous Second City for the 11pm show of Let Them Eat Chaos. It was hilarious. I had seen the same show a few months prior and it was still funny. The show itself is a mix between skits and improv. Definitely worth seeing twice. Plus I got a GIANT coffee with whip cream and Andy was awesome enough to buy me a souvenir mug! Woot!

Saturday morning we walked over to Lula’s Cafe in Logan Square which is like mile trek from my abode. It was a beautiful morning and the food was as always AWESOME.


Since the Russian Tea Room was in the Loop we decided to go downtown to walk around before hand. I never really walk around Millennium Park even though my office is incredibly close – I usually only make it to the City Target and walk no further….. Anyways we walked around Michigan Ave and then went to the Russian Tea Time.







Tea Time was so good. All the treats and foods were to die for. There was a cookie called a ‘Bizze’ that was the best thing I’ve every eaten. It was a sugar melting moment inside of a macaroon demeanor. So effing good.




Sigh. Next stop – SuperDawg and DimSum.

Giddy up.

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