My First Pet; LWE8

Today’s November challenge is ‘Your first pet’. I grew up with a revolving door of GSDs, but my first pet that was all my own was Leopold my pug. Obviously, if you know me he is a HUGE part of my life, identity, and personality. Almost everyone says their dog ‘is a person in an animal’s body’ but Leopold seriously is human. He can express his exact emotions with a single look – he can be moody as all hell – he even gets mad if I don’t share my apple. He will forever be the first member of the tribe and my little bubbie.

Roll the Leopold William Edward VIII photos.





If you wanna check out more pictures of Leopold here is his Flickr Set.

3 thoughts on “My First Pet; LWE8

  1. Hands down Leopold is the reason I would even consider having a dog THAT IS NOT A GERMAN SHEPHERD! He is after all the littlest shepherd. Of course his best bud in the shepherd world would be Blitzkrieg. I will always remember the day he and Leopold were messing with that baby bird…..Come to think of it his other playmate FlaK was involved with him and a squirrel.
    Leopold is the instigator!
    Yes Leopold is the most human 4 legged creature I have ever been around….he is a german shepherd whisperer……Lois

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