4th Day of Xmas Post: Goals.

Five goals you wish to achieve this Christmas vacation

1. Fill in that empty dragon on my arm.
2. Knit a few cowls/projects.
3. Go on a mini-adventure (more on that later)
4. Drink five million Americanos with Peppermint/Chocolate flavors (it’s my holiday drink since 99% of places don’t have almond milk as a ‘dairy’ option)
5. Eat at Las Cazeulas – I miss green chili so effing much.

Those are all entirely attainable goals. Well maybe 5 million Americanos is a bit much, adjust that to 1 million.

I’m off to Denver tonight through Christmas Day and I cannot wait to see friends/family! Last night I had to run over to the DHL that is by O’Hare (approx. 30 minute drive) to pick up a package that they would not leave at my house. I spotted a super cute window santa on my way there and decided to stop for a soda water/picture of him on the way back.

Then I finished a fun cowl I just started on my lunch break – it only took about 1.5hrs to make! I haven’t ever really done a quick/simple project like this so I was over the moon about it. The pattern is free on Ravelry here.


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