Weekend Photo BLAST.

I had such a great productive weekend! I love when that happens. Even though the winter is really starting to wear on me and everyone else in Chicago, spring and summer are right around the corner (I just know it!). Let’s see. I have really been having a blast at the gym – I know right I hate to be one of ‘those’ people, but since I’ve regularly ventured back at the beginning of the year, I have seen major changes in toning. I haven’t lost anymore weight, but I can definitely tell that the gym has begun to tone everything. I’m obsessed with before and afters so here’s one of my lifestyle/physical change from July 2013 to March 2014. 7 Months.

Before July 2013 at 195. After March 2014 at 160.

Then I have been dying to try this small Chicago Diner chain since I moved here, but no one ever wants to go. Saturday after my run, I decided just to check it out myself and I am so happy I did! The Golden Nugget reminded me of the diners that I grew up eating in with my grandma and grandpa. I got the Steak Omelette which was just perfect. I know Chicago has any kind of eatery you could imagine, but I’m cheap as hell and sometimes picky as in I have specific cravings so this place will do just fine by me in the future.

Then came the time to touch up my hair – I had been getting it done, but things changed so I’m back in the saddle with my cheveux. I think it came out well. There is a slight dark band about two inches out I’ll have to address since a bleach shampoo cap didn’t even touch it, but overall I revived the red perfectly.

on the left before, middle during/post bleach cap, right the finished product.

Then I went ahead and started my chest plate.

Just kidding – obviously they are fake tattoos!

Then because I’m becoming the queen of cheapskates I went to Aldi, Five Below, and a clothes shop Discovery. I’m going to start shopping only at thrift store here in the near future, because I’m over new-consuming, but my final hoorah at Discovery was great! I got two more tanks not pictured for a total of $27 so a week’s worth of new tops/a dress. Not too shabby.

Then of course…..

Sigh. Monday. Blerg.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Photo BLAST.

  1. I love all your pictures and that food looks so good! That place looks like that diner we went to in Las Vegas NM that you said you used to go to too 🙂
    ha tu tu
    love you glad you had such a full weekend.

      1. Ooooo I had the ham and eggs with green chili….nothing should taste that good. I’ll make you green chili when you visit….we will eat it by the bowl full.

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