Say Hi to Your Mother For Me.

Jeezlouise. Time is whipping by, I know I say that ever other week, but DANG – it’s already mid-March! I had an eventful weekend, I FINALLY got rid of that nasty incubus of plague I had going on. Although I did give it to several people (womp womp). I took a sick day Friday and I believe that is what finally got me over the sick hump if you will.

I also saw one of my most favorite bands currently play Friday night. Windhand is just the tops. Stoner doom and way way heavy. Maybe Windhand was what cured me once and for all?

windhand killed it.

Then, I knitted on the Harry Potter Heliopath KAL ribbing and then crocheted some cowls for my past giveaway and for a trade with my bhud. I am really liking crochet.

four cowls. one pig.

I know I’ve said I’ve been bit by the bug, but I honestly just love the freeform and the relaxed attitude of basic crochet. I was at Michael’s on Saturday, which is a rare visit, because I had a gift card, otherwise I’m an online/local knit shop/Joann’s kind of gal. They had Sugar ‘n Cream on sale 4 – 2oz balls of yarn for $5, plus I found the most adorable cupcake potholder pattern.

Awww. BUT WAIT. I ended up googling this Twinkie Chan lady and it turns out she has a whole crochet empire of knitted food items. Plus, then I stumbled upon what could be the most adorable craft I have ever seen. I seriously cannot stop ooohing and ahhing every damn time I look at these little guys.

form twinkie chan’s Tissue Box Bakery


Then I ate at Lillie Q’s in Wickerpark/Bucktown area which was dynamite. I had the Tri-Tip 1/2 pound serving and the collard greens. SO NOMMY. The pulled pork was really tasty too – sharing is caring.

the tri-tip beef and collard greens
cornbread and baked beans.

I ended up crocheting my own little cake tissue box and I’ll post about that later, but I had a great weekend. I just wish it would warm up for good here in Chicago. Spring is much desired!


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