The Farm House

Two weeks ago, I bought a farm house in the city!  It was probably the WORST contract/home buying experience in the world.  It seriously barely happened – between issues with the water and roof (contingent to the loan) and the very very meanly aggressive selling agent it was a doozy.  To give you more of an idea of how things went down, I ended up paying for half of the roof to be replaced and walked out of the inspection objections with a HUGE $750 check to buy a reverse osmosis system for the kitchen.  Both my lender and my real estate agent were my saviors in this – they really had to work miracles on this one.  But! It’s actually mine and the dude’s now!

Well obviously, the dude and I AND everyone else I know loved the house and felt it was worth the struggle and fighting.

Some of the perks!

  1. huge windows in living/dining area
  2. .4 acre plot of land
  3. huge garage
  4. 2800sq ft to grow into
  5. pool table! (haha)

Now I got a great deal on this place, but it is the epitome of a fixer upper.  It wasn’t neglected to the point of being condemned, but you can be assured that most everything was done sooooo wrong it’s almost impressive. But, I guess that’s what the dude, family, and friends are for 😉

The to-do list:

  1. new furnace/water heater
  2. rip out some scary bathrooms
  3. new soffits/fascia/gutters
  4. re-finish hardwoods
  5. paint everything!
  6. clean all the stuff they left me on the property
    1. rotted out chicken coop
    2. weird wire cage (possibly used for tenants late in rent?)
    3. yard work that’s been neglected for a long while
    4. tons of garbage (wood/snowboards etc see photo below of garage)
  7. electrical work (what I can’t keep splicing into extension cord wire to power the garage?)

Okay now that all the fun stuff is out of the way – let’s look at the pictures!



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