Ghostface Knitter Returns

Well the holidays came and went, and here it is the new year.  I pretty much took January off, I had two orders that I shipped out, but aside from that I did nothing, but work out and watch Law & Order in my free time.

Here is a wrap up of Ghostface Knitter in 2016:

Soft Launch: Oct 1, 2016 – with 5 quilts, and 10 bibs

Official Launch: Nov 1, 2016  – with 25 hats, 6 quilts, 4 zippy bags, 12 cowls, 24 spa cloths

December Launch: Christmas Trees, more hats!, more cowls, and baby hats

Not to mention – we bought a house, I became a manger at work, adopted Peaches and sadly lost Vladimir.

As you can see – it was busy.

So what do we start in 2017?  Well, I’ve learned a lot!  I’m going to be sharing my nutrition and body transformation, new products from the shop, meal prep recaps, financial tips and a lot more!

So stay tuned!


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