2018 was what you made it.

It’s been an entire year since I’ve blogged here.  I prefer Instagram and using photos/moments to quickly update, but as the year went on, I realized that I miss the long format of blog writing so here I am!


It was a life changing year for me.  Most are.  I spend so much of my energy changing, surmounting where I’m at, where I’ve been and morphing into me, that every year for the last 6, has been another major milestone in who I’m meant to be.  This year was no different for reasons I created and experienced.

Here is my vision board for 2018 that I made back in 12/2017!

2018 vision board

I accomplished just about everything, except getting married – but that was a blessing!

I ended up getting my own Crossfit set up at home so I could change the direction my body and mind was taking.  I love Crossfit, but I was struggling with PMA (positive mental attitude) regarding most things fitness.  In May, I competed with a team and physically failed a series of rope climbs that changed my outlook on my fitness, strength and mental wellbeing.  I honestly was not a nice person! I decided to step back from the in gym experience and focus on what I needed – being happy with myself.

I sewed less than I would have liked, but I did get some amazing quilts, dresses, table runners and oil bags done this year!  I’m currently re-doing my craft lab and in 2019 I’ll be offering classes, 1:1’s, group tutorials and FRIDAY CRAFT NIGHTS!

At work I took on SO MUCH.  I have always been a workaholic, but this year took me to new levels.  I invested in doTERRA development and travelled to Salt Lake City and Austin to level myself up and deepen my commitment and belief in essential oils.  I got all of my oils for free in 2018, thousands and thousands worth – and I leave the year feeling so grateful that oils and the business found me finally ready to receive them.

In my 9-5,  I was promoted to Sr. Management and at year’s end I’m on track to Director of all of Analytics – it’s humbling and amazing to work with my company and my team.  I have never been more challenged than I am now – growing and developing other leaders and help everyone thrive in their growth, development and lives.

In 2018, I got tattooed SO MUCH. Visited some really rad museums and purchased SO MUCH ART.  I am blessed to love art and to also meet the people who create.  In the later half of the year, tattooing was my way to heal my heart and mind and to talk to people who helped me look at life differently.

My family, friends and fur babies were my rocks this year.  I leaned on every single one of them so much.  I leaned for support, for inspiration, for laughs, for hugs and most of all – to remember what really matters. We are here for such a small amount of time.  Work, sadness, bad days, stagnant behaviors, false self-narratives — it all is nothing.  My core group reminded me that I matter in 2018.  I am so fucking grateful for all of them.

Spoiler! I didn’t get married. An 8 year relationship that I thought was ‘it’, ended.  Which although was a shock, was probably the biggest gift I’ve ever been given.  The lesson for me here (and I’m still healing and meditating on this) is that I still am not in control of the universe.  GASP.  I can hold things up, struggle, cry, carry on, be in pain and sacrifice so much, but I don’t control anything but myself.  I control my reactions, my actions and my ‘ignorance.’  I’m again grateful for this change, without it I would have never realized what was out there waiting.

On of my proudest accomplishments this year was getting completely out of debt!  It took 2 years to pay off $13k, but I did it and I’m so proud and damn it feels amazing not to be stressed about money!  Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedoms.  Freedom to not owe and stress is AMAZING.  I also continued to use my favorite apps to invest!  Qapital, Albert, Acorn, Robin Hood all helped me to continue to grow my worth and it was completely unnoticeable since it all auto saves/invests!

Another major item for me was going completely plant-based.  After years of struggling with vegan/vegetarianism, I decided to give it an honest go.  I think a few things have allowed me to see long-term success this time.

  1. Vegan Life Long Vitality Vitamins — I am getting all the supplements/nutrients from my food!
  2. Whole Foods – not processed vegan foods.
  3. Connection to Compassion.
  4. Dairy = Asthma VERY unhappy.

It was an awesome year. Full of surprises, sadness, comebacks, the best haircut of my life and the seedlings were planted for even more epic years to come.

Bye 2018! You were so good to me.




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