healthy habits 2019!

One of my 2019 priorities is my health so I thought I would share some of my habits to kickstart the year!

Plant Based!

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July 2018 to January 2019

A picture says it all! I decided to go completely plant-based (vegan) in July of this year and it has radically changed my life for the better.  Not only have I lost +30lbs just through diet, my skin has never looked better (along with my vitamins!) and by eating whole foods (non-processed food) I just feel wonderful!

Not to mention:


Some awesome documentaries and resources can be found here!

Forks Over Knives – Netflix, about the health consequences of eating animal protein — it’s no coincidence that diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity plus so much more has increased with the amount of animal protein being consumed.

I Love Vegan –  holy vegan recipe batman…. they have everything here – literally you will miss NOTHING by going vegan!

Veganuary – An awesome challenge for the month of January to go Vegan!!

Sleep Tracker!

For those of you with a fitness/activity tracker like Apple Watch, Fitbit etc this is a game changer!  A few years ago I talked to a nutritionist who actually prioritized sleep as the first thing to conquer/change in a daily routine for weight loss.  She would see clients lose weight just by increasing their sleep!  Of course sleep is directly linked to health and wellness.  I am someone who had no idea what my ideal sleep was, or what my sleep patterns meant for my days/goals.  Pre-Apple Watch life I would have inconsistent habits with sleep (I still LOVE a good all nighter – but my body hates them).

I started tracking my sleep and within 2 weeks I had confirmed that 7.5 hours was my ideal sleep target to function at my best each day!  With 7.5 hours I felt rested, ready to engage, brain ready to work and body operating at an awesome foundational level.  Now it’s easy to prioritize sleep so I work/live my best life!



Surprise! Oils are a HUGE part of my health and wellness regime!  I use them for everything – both physically and emotionally!

Oils to aid in metabolism, support anxiety/stress, help for restful nights, ease stomach discomfort, support lady health, support glowing skin… basically EVERYTHING.

I’ve found out so much about the efficacy and safety of essential oils and I will forever only recommend doTERRA because they are 100% clear in their process/practice and commitment to wellness with oils.


Tannith and I decided to get back into the whole ‘workout thing’ since we both feel so much better when we do move our bodies!  We turned to Betty Rocker (you’ll remember we did a 90 day challenge and both saw awesome results back in 2015!) and I’m already LOVING her new workouts and the burn!

It really helps with stress management and my confidence when I am moving/toning my body.  Plus, I get to use my fancy basement gym equipment!

Well there you have it.  Just a few simple ways I’m investing in my health in 2019.

When I take care of me, I can do more for the world and others!



2018 was what you made it.

It’s been an entire year since I’ve blogged here.  I prefer Instagram and using photos/moments to quickly update, but as the year went on, I realized that I miss the long format of blog writing so here I am!


It was a life changing year for me.  Most are.  I spend so much of my energy changing, surmounting where I’m at, where I’ve been and morphing into me, that every year for the last 6, has been another major milestone in who I’m meant to be.  This year was no different for reasons I created and experienced.

Here is my vision board for 2018 that I made back in 12/2017!

2018 vision board

I accomplished just about everything, except getting married – but that was a blessing!

I ended up getting my own Crossfit set up at home so I could change the direction my body and mind was taking.  I love Crossfit, but I was struggling with PMA (positive mental attitude) regarding most things fitness.  In May, I competed with a team and physically failed a series of rope climbs that changed my outlook on my fitness, strength and mental wellbeing.  I honestly was not a nice person! I decided to step back from the in gym experience and focus on what I needed – being happy with myself.

I sewed less than I would have liked, but I did get some amazing quilts, dresses, table runners and oil bags done this year!  I’m currently re-doing my craft lab and in 2019 I’ll be offering classes, 1:1’s, group tutorials and FRIDAY CRAFT NIGHTS!

At work I took on SO MUCH.  I have always been a workaholic, but this year took me to new levels.  I invested in doTERRA development and travelled to Salt Lake City and Austin to level myself up and deepen my commitment and belief in essential oils.  I got all of my oils for free in 2018, thousands and thousands worth – and I leave the year feeling so grateful that oils and the business found me finally ready to receive them.

In my 9-5,  I was promoted to Sr. Management and at year’s end I’m on track to Director of all of Analytics – it’s humbling and amazing to work with my company and my team.  I have never been more challenged than I am now – growing and developing other leaders and help everyone thrive in their growth, development and lives.

In 2018, I got tattooed SO MUCH. Visited some really rad museums and purchased SO MUCH ART.  I am blessed to love art and to also meet the people who create.  In the later half of the year, tattooing was my way to heal my heart and mind and to talk to people who helped me look at life differently.

My family, friends and fur babies were my rocks this year.  I leaned on every single one of them so much.  I leaned for support, for inspiration, for laughs, for hugs and most of all – to remember what really matters. We are here for such a small amount of time.  Work, sadness, bad days, stagnant behaviors, false self-narratives — it all is nothing.  My core group reminded me that I matter in 2018.  I am so fucking grateful for all of them.

Spoiler! I didn’t get married. An 8 year relationship that I thought was ‘it’, ended.  Which although was a shock, was probably the biggest gift I’ve ever been given.  The lesson for me here (and I’m still healing and meditating on this) is that I still am not in control of the universe.  GASP.  I can hold things up, struggle, cry, carry on, be in pain and sacrifice so much, but I don’t control anything but myself.  I control my reactions, my actions and my ‘ignorance.’  I’m again grateful for this change, without it I would have never realized what was out there waiting.

On of my proudest accomplishments this year was getting completely out of debt!  It took 2 years to pay off $13k, but I did it and I’m so proud and damn it feels amazing not to be stressed about money!  Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedoms.  Freedom to not owe and stress is AMAZING.  I also continued to use my favorite apps to invest!  Qapital, Albert, Acorn, Robin Hood all helped me to continue to grow my worth and it was completely unnoticeable since it all auto saves/invests!

Another major item for me was going completely plant-based.  After years of struggling with vegan/vegetarianism, I decided to give it an honest go.  I think a few things have allowed me to see long-term success this time.

  1. Vegan Life Long Vitality Vitamins — I am getting all the supplements/nutrients from my food!
  2. Whole Foods – not processed vegan foods.
  3. Connection to Compassion.
  4. Dairy = Asthma VERY unhappy.

It was an awesome year. Full of surprises, sadness, comebacks, the best haircut of my life and the seedlings were planted for even more epic years to come.

Bye 2018! You were so good to me.




Fitness Journey 2.0


I titled this fitness journey 2.0 but let’s be honest, it’s like on update 14.4. When we moved back to Denver, I just got out of habit with fitness and wellness. I stopped going to acupuncture, I stopped riding everyday, I stopped a lot of healthy habits.  And you know what? I’m not mad about it.  It was an incredibly stressful year when we moved back and working out wasn’t a consistent priority.  I did HIIT workouts, Betty Rocker, ran and biked some, but after a while I would stop due to weather, health, or just because Law & Order was on.

So here we are 2017, for the last 4 months I have been consistent and the results are insane and am highly motivating. In November, I joined the rec center that is literally a 5 minute walk from our house and started riding.  Then in December I started a program from Massy Arias.  I did it again in January and now in Feb am getting into some new workouts at Crossfit! I ride the spin bike probably 2/3 times a week to prep for my ride in September with the Tour de Cure.

I also have been meal prepping my but off – here is my typical day:

Breakfast: 1.5 Cups Eggs Whites, 2 C Sweet Potatoes 4oz ground turkey

AM Snack: 1/4 C Cashews – Apple

Lunch: 6oz Ground turkey/1 C Broccoli/ 1 C Potatoes

PM Snack: Beef Jerky/Apple/LaraBar

Post workout: Vega Performance Protein

Dinner: 5oz Ground Turkey/Unlimited Salad

PM Snack: nuts/salad/almond milk latte

Plus you can see from my last post The Nausea – I got rid of hormones that derail my day and weeks. No more bloating, cravings, and emotions telling me to sabotage my success.

Here are my before and afters.

From September 2016 to Jan 2017
Two week difference – dem abs!! 

Starting Feb 20th, I’m doing Whole 30 again.  Just as a reset, you’ll notice the menu above is paleo – but I have been sneaking processed food here and there – like that red velvet cake Rob insisted we make for V-day.  But again, I’m not sweating it (well literally I am lol).  It’s funny though a few days of frosting and I was craving it again, so time to nip it in the bud! 😉

I’ll update as I Whole 30 it up!

The Nausea – A Story of Self


If you’ve followed my blog, or even if you’re new, I bet you’ve noticed I’m an over achiever and refuse to just settle for something. Well last fall, my heath was no exception.

Most times being an over achiever is good, but other times, well it bites me in the ass. Starting Ghostface Knitter up was really stressful and it’s really hard to turn a hobby into a business.  I started prepping for the Nov 1 launch of GFK in early September.  I would wake up at 5am and work until I had to get ready at 8am.  Then I’d come home at 6pm and work on GFK until midnight. For weeks I did this.  I was motivated, excited and ready.

Then, in late October I started getting nauseous. Like couldn’t eat nauseous.  I had always had bad PMS and for the first week I just chalked it up to the lady game.  But then it progressed.  I was losing weight, not because I was healthy, but because I was only able to eat bread, oatmeal and juice.  I had started a birth control pill to alleviate my PMS symptoms a few months prior – so every MD I saw ruled that out.  I stopped taking it at the end of the first week of feeling like garbage. So it MUST be stress. Everyone was telling me this – and believe me it doesn’t feel good to have people tell you, you are stressed. Dear friends, keep that crap to yourself.  That kind of shit only makes the stress worse, because now you are conscious about it. So the nausea went on for a month – a few days before Thanksgiving I begged for some anti-nausea meds so I could at least eat during the day.  That helped, but only for a few hours after taking the meds, then the nausea would come back. I literally laid down and panted for 2 months.

Then, I finally went and saw and acupuncturist in early December.  I had REALLY been into this when I lived in Chicago, but got out of it when I moved back to Denver – I don’t know why.   If you’ve never been to acupuncture – the needles don’t hurt, they itch sometimes and you basically lay and take a nap (or at least I do).  However, this acupuncturist is skilled in women’s health.  She  listened to me. Told me that it was hormones causing this and the birth control acerbated it.  At this point she was the only one listening and not handing out referrals to expensive Dr’s, tests, and medicine. She also recommend that I see the Doula at her practice who is skilled in abdominal massage.

I started seeing both.  The most upsetting thing to me is that NO ONE in the medical field asks any of the questions about my menstrual cycle like these two did. And you know what? I discovered that PMS is not normal! We are not supposed to be crampy, bloaty, upset, binge eating, craving, and for lack of a better word – crazy.

So after 2 weeks of seeing them, the nausea was gone and it is still is gone!  Why? Because my reproductive health was upset – my uterus is/was tipped, and thus blocking the natural flow of hormones which the birth control made infinitely worse.  And guess what else? NO PMS.

After this, I have renewed my faith in holistic meds and I refuse to be ashamed or upset about sharing my experience.  I would buy a billboard and write ‘LADIES PMS IS WRONG – LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR BODIES WITH HOLISTIC MEDICINE!’ if I could.

If you’re interested in more about my journey please email me!

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