Russian Camera Outcome

So remember a few weekends ago when I went to the car show in Woodstock? Well I brought along that top-view Lubitel camera to play around with. Here are the shots – I took a total of 9 or 10 – Remember I didn’t get serious with recording my aperture/light source/meter reads at all. There was an older guy there who creepily ‘liked the way I looked with the camera’ – but was kind of condescending about when I said I was just shooting ‘blindly.’ *GASP* Not everything has to be done ‘perfectly’????
Anyways – Here is the actual camera I used and then the half-dozen-ish shots that came out. My indoor shots were just florescent light patterns haha- *alright creepy old man I’ll give you that one.

I got the prints developed at the Lomography store here in Bucktown. While I was there I also picked up some more 120 film for a few of the cameras that I own that require that. I think I’ll get my light meter out and maybe horse around with indoor shots. I would like to take some 120 shots of the KnitFest next weekend so maybe I’ll get in gear for that?

Do you ever use ‘real’ film cameras anymore? I think I’m going to start using more 35mm for events- it’s just so easy to use digital because you can see the outcome immediately. BUT it’s way more fun to wait and see what comes back from the developer too.

Also here is my current tunes for Friday morning – Windhand. Epic band. I can’t stop listening on repeat.


The Front Tip…..

….of the week…. get your head out of the gutter! Geesh! 😉

So the start of this week was WILD. But a fun wild, not an unplanned for wild. I ended up getting my new and awesome jacket in from Black Salt. If you haven’t looked at their store/site yet, please do they are awesome. You will want many shoes/accessories/clothes.

Then I finished all the Halloween cards from Sunday. Just when I thought I got rid of all the glitter under my nails…. Look forward to that when you open them lovely friends and family. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Work has been super busy as we have department training. I have broken up my day by taking shameless selfies – you know how I roll.

Then last night I got to see Orange Goblin again. I saw them back in 2011 or maybe it was 2012 I can’t remember, I’ve been ‘metal – posing’ for so long now I can’t remember. I went alone and HAD A BLAST. Which is great because I have a few more concerts (Red Fang/Pentagram/Queens of the Stone Age/The Kills) to attend solo this fall/winter. Anyways- Orange Goblin are awesome guys in an even more awesome band. Here are some pictures from the show and if you’d like have a listen to the video below. They are doomy-metaly and from the UK (sigh).

Orange Goblin

This video is great – just make it through the intro. Be a metal poser and power through till the music starts.


Top 5 Posts by GFK

The Princess of Hearts!
The Princess of Hearts!

Today’s October Challenge is to pick the Top 5 blog posts I’ve written. This was hard, because everything I write is so amazing – like Nobel Peace Price worthy…. I digress, it wasn’t that hard, I knew which ones I’d feature immediately and I know most of you guys have loved them too based on your feedback and my site stats. Maybe they are new to some of you new peeps, but have a look!

First Best Video post: YOB


In no particular order:

1. Crafter Blood – A basic explaination of when I was infected with the crafting virus.

2. Tattoo Life – Where my tattoos have given me the life I live.

3. Thesis Process Deconstructed – If you’re a new reader you may not know the struggles, the DRAMA, and the saga of me getting my Master’s in Economics. Here’s the condensed version – short and sweet.

4. A Tale of 2 Brothers – Obviously the Ugly Tribe has grown with the addition of Boris. I wrote this silly story in the few days leading up to getting him. Two…nevermore.

5. The Power of Positivity – Despite GFK’s reputation in Boyz Town as being a miserable person – I’m actually a SUPER positive person. I discovered how positive thinking can re-charge your life and make you a person that you’re proud of. Plus you’ll get to read about my couple crush on my Cousin Matt and his beautiful wife Oli!

Honorable Mention:

Sphynx Cat Q&A – wait you have a naked pussy? Let’s all just take a collective moment to do a major *EYEROLL* and read the Q & A’s about Sphynx Cats.

I have so much fun writing this blog – I hope you guys love reading it. Are there any topics you’d like me to explore here in Chicago? Ultimate hotdog stand tasting? Perhaps tattoo shops here in the city? Or WAIT! What about best wig shop?

Lots o’ Love.


It’s Friday! Yay! That means crafting and fun events are upon us! Here’s a look at my Friday in pictures and music videos.

Confirmation of my Thai Bamboo Stick Tattoo in November in Bangkok
Confirmation of my Thai Bamboo Stick Tattoo in November in Bangkok

The Chicago River/Buildings on my weekly walk to Bloomingdales.
The Chicago River/Buildings on my weekly walk to Bloomingdales.

Bloomingdale's Bathroom Selfie. You know you love it.
Bloomingdale’s Bathroom Selfie. You know you love it.

Shoes at Nordstrom that I DID NOT buy. :( Tears.
Shoes at Nordstrom that I DID NOT buy. 😦 Tears.

Boris learned how to get on the fridge - there is no sacred space in my home now.
Boris learned how to get on the fridge – there is no sacred space in my home now.

Bought tickets for Pentagram a few days ago, but I’m really stoked.

I also got a ticket to see Orange Goblin… They are awesome live. My hearing has probably recovered since the last show I went to in 2011.

*it’s a long video but, skip around – they are great.

HAPPY FRIDAY! May your weekend be blessed with crafts/puppies/kittens/metal/love!

5 Feel Good Songs

Some songs for when your coffee, heart shirt, handmade cowl, and red hair can't jazz you up.
Some songs for when your coffee, heart shirt, handmade cowl, and red hair can’t jazz you up.

October Blog Challenge how did you know I needed this so bad today?! It’s like you have ESP. Anyways – a good song can really turn the morning/day/hour around can’t it? Here are the top 5 that turn me from HULKRAGE/EMOSADPANDA/SLEEPYSLOTH to HAPPYFUNTIME.

5. Ellie Goulding – Burn

4. Katy Perry – Hummingbird Heartbeat *(let’s just accept the fact that I LOVE KP – she’s not going anywhere if you like me you’re going to have to deal – I’m sorry)

3. The Melvins – BORIS *the baby keeks namesake and overall a song that makes me think of happy hopeful times long ago

2. Peter Bjorn and Jon – Nothing to Worry About *quite possibly the coolest music video – no joke watch it Japanese Rockabilly – and also the anthem of my Aveda summer with Pokee complete with the trip to JAPAN.

and drumroll please…………..

1. The Black Keys – Howlin’ for you

I just love the beat, the guitar, the lyrics. It’s my ultimate put your darkest eyeliner on and go kick some ass.

What are some of your feel good – put you in a great mood songs?