happy halloween from GFK and the Tribe.


Generous Peeps.

Share a generous act that you did to a complete stranger.

but what about the children?
but what about the children?

Geez. I don’t really want to get all ‘look how I help/give to others’ memememe on this. Instead let’s take a walk on the other side of the prompt and talk about what we can all being doing more of to help out in our world.

1. Volunteer – Elders / kids / animals } there are so many that need attention/help/aid. If one of these groups interests you, then why not get involved with your local Salvation Army, Little Brothers, Humane Society, Dumbfriends League, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Toys for Tots… the list goes on. PLUS you don’t have to give every weekend to a cause – sometimes even two hours of your time a month is enough to give (seriously). Participating in a volunteer community matters a lot. You may not think you have time or the drive, but if you find an organization that speaks to you, it won’t be a hassle. Look at me with the Elders! Do some research and see how you can give back to the world.

2. Conserve – You know I push the eco-scene… I was force-fed this at Aveda plus writing my thesis about Organic Beauty really sent me over the edge. What we consume DOES MATTER. As consumers we can influence entire markets and truly change our current economic system with what we buy. We just have to tap into that power – believe in your power as a consumer!

3. Smile – this little thing changed my whole world. Even on the crappiest day a smile can produce radical results. Show those pearly whites and make the world a more positive place.



Happy, Happy, Happy

How would you define ‘Happiness’?


I’m gonna take a page from Phil Robertson here and just say life is ‘happy, happy, happy.” If you’ve read previous posts here on GFK, you would have noticed (I hope) that being happy is the main point I make over and over. So how would I define happiness? I think being one’s ‘authentic self’ is true happiness. That means doing your thing – no matter what. I have compromised the things that matter to me before and it’s just a drag. It is amazing to see how inspired and inspiring I can be when I am working towards my authentic self and not forcing myself to go along with things I don’t believe in.

For me happiness can be described as; feeling good physically/mentally (sober bhud), loving family, downa$$ supportive friends, my tribe (aka the Pugkeeks), knitting, sewing, embroider, okay let’s just say crafting, eating well, music, elders, and glitter.

GFK is a pretty happy babe, that’s for sure.


Ghostface Get-ups…

The Blog challenge: Outfit post! Show us your favorite or your usual get-up!

I guess I have a unique style. Some say retro/rockabilly/vintage I say it’s a ghostface thang. Here are some of the latest outfits/looks I’ve been sporting. I feel like Beeker… memememememememememe.

some hair.



anti-hair/coldweather meanmuggin ghostface


Where I grew up.

Tell us a bit about the place where you grew up. Don’t forget to include a couple of photos!

I spent a lot of time on 555 Winona Ct & 1435 South Eaton Street in Denver, CO.

Here are just a few photos – I’m too sentimental to go into detail, but these places were awesome. Just effing awesome.

this was at my ma's house.
this was at my ma’s house.



Dear Boris – An Open Letter to My Kitten

Write a letter to someone whom you judged by first impression. It can be a serious or a humorous one! 🙂

Humorous for $1000 Alex.

Dear Boris,

Let me start by saying you have been the sweetest animal I have ever owned. There now I can be truthful….. To start, I didn’t really want you. I was so comfortable in my ‘two-animal’ lifestyle that getting you seemed like a horrible idea. Sadly, I had a kryptonite influence that talked me into ‘going to look’ at you and your littermates. I know what you’re thinking – ‘no one ever just looks.’ BUT, when we got to your birth home just outside Milwaukee, I saw you. You were climbing on a pile of neatly stacked suitcases and meowing. I knew you would be a total asshole and fit in great in my home. Since you have two major assholes as siblings I also was not concerned about your ability to hold your own. Your name was even Waldo back then…. but thankfully I overrode that to call you Boris. You were sooooo tiny I was afraid I would crush you in my hands. I underestimated the power you had in the forms of sharp teeth and razor sharp claws. I also will frankly tell you, I don’t care for your bedside manners. There are better ways to wake me up than shrill ‘mew’s and a naked ass to the face – seriously.

the first 48 hours of boris with the GFK
the first 48 hours of boris with the GFK

crush you in my hands.
crush you in my hands.

Shhh just shut your face.
Shhh just shut your face.

However, you keep me company when your older brothers are both being jerks. Your inquisitive demeanor cracks me up – unless you get stuck on top of the cabinets in the kitchen – then it just gets irritating…. You are silly and love unconditionally – exactly what I needed and was lacking so desperately in my life when I got you. I know things are different now that I’m a single ‘mom’ to you, but believe me it’s way more fun just with me (ask Leopold and Vladimir!).


So sweet and pretty.
So sweet and pretty.


My only other complaints are that you refuse to partake in costume life, have no idea what ‘sleeping-in’ is, and you relentlessly bother your brothers to the point where they try to harm you. So all fixable things……

I am now an official crazy cat lady for having written this letter to you Boris – but I’m sure glad I have you. Alas, the life as an owner of a tribe is sometimes bizarre, but it’s never dull.

The lady who feeds you everyday and lets you play with yarn.

Celebrity Dream Day.

If you could hang out with a celebrity for a day, who would that celebrity be? Why did you choose to hang out with him/her? What would you do or where would you spend that day? Mary over at the October Daily Challenge is full of little surprise posts that make me feel warm and silly.

I’ve been bad and blown off two whole october daily posts…. yikes. BUT I was so busy at work and then in my ‘free-time’ that I just couldn’t fit it in. I guess I could have asked Leopold to write something, but he’s been in a ‘mood’ so it’s best I just didn’t update.

So a celebrity I could hang out with all day? I have a few and I’m gonna keep it short and sweet on the explanations.

1. Marc Jacobs – We would preview his next ready to wear collection/He is a badass.

The only photo of MJ with a shirt on.

2. Elvira – I would learn cleavage enhancing techniques/She is the ultimate vixen.

3. Cary Grant – (NOT zombie CG but if he were still alive) I would just sit and stare at him/He is the most perfect celebrity ever.

he.eh.he.eh. heeeeeeeeeey.

4. Joshua Homme – I would hang out with him at Rancho De La Luna, maybe fall in love. Sigh.

I have a type…

5. Katy Perry – I mean I already tweet her about Katy Puggy regularly. Wouldn’t she want to meet it’s creator?

It’s funny, but those are the ‘celebrities’ that inspire me regularly. Each one for a different reason, but even in jest, I would pee myself to even be within a ten foot radius of any of them.

Who are some of your dream celebrities to meet? What would you spend the day doing? Don’t be shy, I wanna know!!