Life Around Here.

the hipsters are restless in Logan Square.

Life has been so busy lately. I’ve been studying for the GMAT, knitting the Heliopath KAL, running/working out, and taking care of my tribe.

First things first, the GMAT. I have to say I’m enjoying working through the workbooks for this exam. I have never studied for a standardized test before so all the strategies and methodologies are fascinating. However, the testing material is intense. Nothing is ‘complicated’, but the way the exam is designed is to make sure you know the basics in-and-out. So I’m re-memorizing my geometry proofs, my algebra rules, basic grammar skills, and reasoning strategies. I have faith I’ll get the score I’ve set as my goal, but these next 9 weeks will be full of practice problems, practice exams, and workbooks.

The Heliopath KAL is coming along – I’m about to start the arm shape-ing. Honestly, I’m pretty tired of the cables so I took a few days break from working on it. Tonight I’ll get one side done and hopefully start on the back-piece/make head way on that. I did however rearrange my entire house/address my clay cat-litter ‘situation’ I ended up switching to World’s Best (again) so fingers crossed my asthma/Boris’ allergies are improved.

DIY face mask I made to clean/rearrange my space. Asthma, suck it.

The gym has been great. I got an outdoor run in on Sunday since the weather was lovely. I also ‘splurged’ and bought new running shoes, which I desperately needed. These New Balances are great. I honestly feel like my momentum and speed are soaring in them!

My new New Balance Carnival 574s
Logan Square. 5K Sunday Run.

The Ugly Tribe. I spend so much time at home, these guys really make me so happy. Although during my first full length practice exam on Saturday, Vladimir would not leave me alone and would not stop fussing with stuff in the kitchen. I don’t think the GMAT people had a pesky sphynx in mind when they designed the exam. I may start going to the library to take those exams since I had to get up three separate times to sternly warn my eldest cat to GET THE EFF OUT OF THE SINK / QUIT KNOCKING OVER CLEAN BUT DRYING DISHES. Anyways here’s some photos of my weekend with them.

Boris waiting for some string cheese.
dont’ go run mom, just stay here and hold me.
you gonna share that mom?
pug – spooning.
lay with me you little sh%t.
I take nap here. zzzz.



So I had a pretty fun Saturday!  First,  I took Mister Lee (Leopold) for a walk and he was super happy about it.  I’m continuing to lose weight and am down about 19 pounds.


I’m feeling good. So I’ll force you to look at this selfie. LOOK!  No I’m kidding. But, I’m happy that I’m successful on my eight millionth attempt to lose those last twenty-five-ish pounds.  I’ll do a blog about my weightloss in a few weeks so hold tight for the details.

Then, I cleaned my living room and basically sorted all my crafts and hobbies into their designated zones…. It’s getting kind of cluttery so I NEED to address my nightmare guest room closet that I have been carelessly making more and more disorganized since I moved here in December.  This week/next weekend I’ll get that all organized too.  I need to think about how to organize it properly though as there is no hanging rod or built in shelf so I’m going to have to buy something to act as a structure.  Any closet organizing help?  I don’t wanna spend A TON, but I want it to be sturdy.

Gosh that was boring okay now onto the fun stuff!

I took a class at nina – which is a fabulous knitting and yarn shop on Division here in Chicago (right were the Renegade Craft Fair was last weekend).  It was for a Chevron cowl – I mainly took it so that I could socialize with other knitters and get out of my habit of ‘solitude-knitting.’  Well it ended up I was the only one in the class which I was more than over-qualified for.  The instructor who was a total sweetheart felt bad, because I knew how to knit it by just reading the pattern so she didn’t have any new information to offer.  I did however have a great time chatting with her and found out they do a knitting group every Sunday so I think I’ll start going to that to make some friends.  Here is the chevron pattern that I ‘learned’ how to knit.  It’s actually really fun and simple.  I’m always amazed at how people discovered techniques to manipulate the yarn like this.  Damn knitter geniuses.



Then of course because I was there, I bought some amazing yarn from Knit Collage – which is a magical yarn company.  Their yarns are just so unique and beautiful – I fell in love with them all, but chose this one.



It’s so beautiful if I had dreadlocks I would want them to look just like this yarn…. le sigh.  Yes, thats a AAA magazine – didn’t know I was so cool did you?  I digress….. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do something similar to their bandana pattern available on their website for only $3.



You know you all want one now…. go to their website.  Do it. Do it now.  You can ‘thank me’ aka ‘scold me’ for showing you this little gem later! 😉

I also started a really fun baby bootie knit project on Thursday.  I did a ‘tester’ bootie as a trial run and I loved the way it turned out.  I was so angry none of my mean animals would let me try it on them 😦 – what good are they if they won’t model my knits!?

Step one:  knit till a little area for toes emerges….



Step two: then knit the rest of the shoe……



Step three: add the inside sock and TA-DA! A baby moc-soc!


Okay, okay, so it took more than three easy steps.  It did however only take about 3 hours (I’m not a beginner though so use your own judgement here).  Here is the pattern it is only $5 and there is a coupon available on that Ravelry page with the pattern.  The designer is so creative and amazing! This is what her moc-socs look like.  (I used left over yarn (recognize the red/white/blue from Leopold’s Sweater?!) so that is why mine is ‘crazy’.)



I’m glad I did a test run on them though.  I have a few little tweeks I need to address just based on my knitting style so that it mirrors her finished product a little better.  Overall it’s a wonderful pattern and I am going to love making a lot of these little guys.

Gosh I’m exhausted and it’s only 9pm! Tomorrow I’m taking Lee to a Fall Frolic with other pugs.  Hopefully he can try to make some friends too.  I’m not holding my breath though.

Happy Weekend Friends!


I am from a line of crafty and meticulous women.  My blood is made from a mix of glitter, thread clippings, and creativity.  I am of crafter-blood.

In all seriousness I am so lucky to have both my grandmothers as examples of how creative someone can be.  My mom is a talented seamstress and knitter herself, so growing up was filled with art, projects, crafts, and unique gifts.  I don’t know what I would do with myself if I wasn’t a crafter.  How do people live without a craft project?  What do they do?  Here are some photos of the few of uncounted crafts from those with crafter-blood that I am a descendant of.

Vladimir wrapped in an Afgan from prior to 1950!

Quilt my Grandmother Joyce Fern made for me in 1997.


Quilt my Grandma Joyce Fern gave to me last summer. (My FAV)

Seed Stich on a cowl that then became a cat teepee.

Rasta Hat

Vladimir in the perfect sweater (adjustments made for his long body).

The first animal sweater I made. Love the yarn I used.

I generally have an animal trying to sit on my lap at all times.

An angel my Grandma Carolyn Mary made prior to 1950.

Cricut Paper Crafts I also do.

Harry Potter Onsies I made.

Sewing 101. Learning my new/old machine that belonged to Carolyn Mary.

Cat bed I made – They love it. Obviously.