What I’m loving right now

Okay, this is me being a big fat copy cat. 😽 I follow a few other blogs that do this feature and I thought I would get in on the fun!

I usually try to shove the things I love down everyone’s throats on Instagram but here is a consolidated version with some extras I probably haven’t shared!

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series


I seriously cannot get enough of this series. IT IS SO GOOD. Honestly, one of the best series I’ve read in a while. I’m a huge fantasy fan so this meets the mark with Fae Realms, supernatural powers, and conquering your own demons.  The entire series is amazing each book better than the last. At the end of book 2 I got up, walked over to the dude and said ‘THAT BOOK WAS SO GOOD. OH MY GOD, OH MYYYYY GOD” I then proceeded to tell him the plot, but I couldn’t there is just so many backstories, and the book unfolds with them all. It’s just great. This is going down in my hall of fame (my place for books that get read over and over).


Ello Camping Mug


This is the second year that Target has carried this mug from Ello.  Last year I treated myself to a pink version and use it all the time.  I went back a few weeks after the initial purchase to get another, since I now have reached the stage in my life where I buy multiples of things I love, and they were gone. I was sad, but eagerly awaited this summer season to see if they would return. THEY DID!

Keeps things cold or hot for hours. Plus the handle is made from cork. The top never leaks and I love the camping enamel finish. Got the teal the second time around.

MillaMia Yarn

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.49.48 PM

Lois introduced my to MillaMia last year (she made those amazing Christmas ornaments for everyone) and then got me a bunch of it to make cowls for shopghostfaceknitter.com. I had a bunch left over from then and am now making the So Faded sweater with the surplus I had. But I LOVE this yarn. I’ve found it on loveknitting.com for $3 a skein and bought a whole bunch more in green, purple, and grey to make another So Faded sweater in the near future.  They have a bunch of free patterns available here. Try not to giggle like an idiot at the baby stuff.

Vintage Pattern FREE-FOR-ALL

I’ve been getting tagged a lot lately (thank you for those who have) in the huge public online release of both vintage knit and sew patterns.  SO AMAZING. Especially considering that people ask for a lot of money for vintage patterns.

South Hampton’s Knitting Reference Library

Free Vintage Knitting


Vintage Patterns Wikia

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 3.04.39 PM



The dude brought home this chia + flax seed mix a while ago and I have since re-purchased multiple bags of this. I just love it. It feels like a treat! It’s been a huge staple for me since giving up processed sugar for good plus with the Omega-3s! It’s a great treat.

What are some things that you have been loving?

Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta-Today Junior! My fav reads.

My Nook is on the fritz and it’s starting to freak me out – I don’t wanna purchase a new one!  I’ve had this Nook since 2010 and ever since I got it I’ve been able to read so much faster and gobble more books than I’d know what to do with if I had to buy or borrow the physical copies.  It got me thinking about some books I love and end up reading a lot – over and over.  Here is my short-list.

Ever since I red this for the first time as a sophomore in high school I have adored the Great Gatsby.  The love story is heartbreaking and by the end of the novel, the reader, through the eyes of Nick Carraway sees the ugliness and shallowness of each character and their motives.  Truly a grand portrayal of society then and now.

2.  Sookie Stackhouse Novels

These books have to be some of my favorite reads in the past few years.  As the series gets longer the main story and plots get a little too far-fetched for me, as if vampires, werewolves, and weretigers weren’t already far-fetched.  My favorite book is “Dead to the World” the fourth book in the series where Eric, a less than likable vampire, looses his memory from a witch’s curse and finally has ‘a connection’ with Sookie. These books are fun, quick, and imaginative.  The final book in the series was just released on May 7th.

3.  Ender’s Game

A sci-fi novel set in the future at a time where young children attend command and combat schools to fight and destroy an alien army trying to attack Earth.  Ender is misunderstood, incredibly intelligent and even to the reader is unpredictable and sometimes scary.  The surprise in this novel is one you would never see coming and ultimately makes the book a story that will stick with you for a long time.

4.  The Great Train Robbery

I first read this book in my AP European History class and to this day I will thank Mr. Howe for introducing it to me!  Not only is the story riddle with scenes from Industrial Revolution era London, but it has the ultimate ‘bank-robbers’ tale.  It’s told in much the same way the new Sherlock Holmes movies are filmed – a scene happens seamlessly and quickly and then is later dissected to reveal someone has been tricked, stolen from, or got away.  The perfect historical suspense novel!

5.  Heal Your Body

This book lists ailments, issues, or injuries and gives the holistic reason and spoken affirmation to ‘heal’ your body. I am a firm believer in mind over matter and some of the personal affirmations that I have encountered to combat reasons for injury or sickness really hit close to home.  It’s a great method to conquer chronic issues and anxieties.  I love anything that this author writes and enjoy the alternative viewpoint.

6.  Bridge at the Edge of the World

I have red and re-red and then red this book probably half a dozen times now for my graduate course work and for my thesis.  There is no better example in economic literature that demands the transformation of our capitalistic based economy and the key agents in our environment’s decline.  The examination of how toxic capitalism is as well as the recommendations for saving our world are unprecedented and truly riveting.  I hope more people especially economists read this book as it is one of the few hopeful warnings that could save our environment from full blown destruction.

7.  Le Petit-Prince

The best in French, but still life changing in English.  The story of an ‘alien’ price lost from his planet and guiding a pilot through the desert.  Ultimately, the novella reminds the adult reader of the important and necessary viewpoints that children posses.  Adults should remind themselves of these naive thoughts and never lose sight of what is really important.

8.  The World is Flat

Whether you believe that globalization is good or bad, Freidman does a great job at analyzing the world we now live in because of free trade.  I cannot get enough of this kind of economic thought and I love that there have been update ‘essays’ by Freidman to address the ever growing internet globalization.

9.  Beauty Imagined

This one is for all the cosmetologists that like history.  It runs circles around the ‘historic’ parts of Milady and digs deep into historic texts and sources to parlez the history/social/and gendered discussions of the beauty industry.  Obviously this book became my source and reference Bible during my thesis process and it’s worth the read.

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