Block Fire

At around 3:30am I woke up this morning and initially thought my allergies were acting up. I got up and went in search of my life-blood aka Zyrtec in the kitchen. I stumbled around until I remembered I had packed it in my bag which was in the craft room. As I stood there fumbling, I heard what sounded like construction noises. I knew it was 3:30am, so I couldn’t fathom what the heck a construction crew would be doing out there! I went over to the window and quickly saw it was not construction, but rather a GIANT fire! When I first saw the flames they engulfed the entire back of an abandoned house and the smoke wash billowing out. Dozens of firefighters were in the house next door, sitting on its roof and in the back yard with hoses and shouting back and forth. They quickly got the back of the house doused and turned their attention on the blaze that was inside that house. It was equal parts terrifying and hypnotizing. I have never been so close to a fire like that. I was also in shock that it was happening. I was just thankful that I knew that house was abandoned so the odds of their being fatalities was lower than some of the heavily occupied homes here in Logan Square in Chicago. I stayed up watching it for about half an hour and witness the east wall of the house cave in on itself. After taking photos (it is the 21st century after all), I decided I couldn’t watch it because they would be there all night and I had to go to work in the morning.

When I woke up a few hours later at 6am it was still dark, and as the sun rose I saw the huge amount of damage the blaze had done. Including that the fire had actually burned the house next to it extensively. I remembered the firefighters sitting on top of its roof and quickly thought OH MY GOD THEY ARE CRAZY HEROES! I took Leopold out and decided to gawk. They still had the street blocked off and two fire engines were still spraying and sifting through the rubble/charred carcass of the abandoned house. The house next to it, which was occupied by 3 adults and 7 children was evacuated quickly so no injuries were reported, however all the doors and windows were busted out.

So much damage – and apparently it was all the work of an 18 year old Arsonist. I don’t know how they always find arsonists, but it seems to be the one crime everyone gets caught committing. I’m SO glad no one was injured, even though 10 people are now displaced as well as lost countless personal items and their home is severely damaged.

Here’s the Chicago Tribune link to the story: Logan Square Fire

And here are my photos from my apartment window. I definitely have a higher appreciation for firefighters and for fire safety.











With fall here and the holidays right around the corner, let me make your custom items/gifts! Pretty much anything you see knit/sewn/crochet I can make for you! My pricing is very affordable and I work hard to get you exactly what you dreamed!

I have done custom embroidery orders, scarf/cowl, baby bibs, kleenex coozies, crochet people/objects, dresses, skirts, blouses! Don’t forget about the pets either – I can make any costume idea or fun accessory for them too!



custom cake



one of khalessi's dragons
one of khalessi’s dragons

carnival set of towels
carnival set of towels
embroidered tea-towel for my Grandma's birthday.
embroidered tea-towel for my Grandma’s birthday.
Baby B likes his sweater.
Baby B likes his sweater.
Amy Bulter Pillow well received.
Amy Bulter Pillow well received.
new pj shorts for the STAKBE club.
new pj shorts for the STAKBE club.

Oriental Institute Museum

I had a chance to visit the Oriental Institute Museum a few weeks back when Alisha was in town and was quite impressed. Although it seemed, and I suppose I assumed the museum space was not very big, the actual museum was quite large. They had artifacts from close to a dozen ancient civilizations and even had a small piece of the Dead Sea Scrolls! There were gorgeous statues, jewelry, facades and they had reconstructed a small (yet very overwhelming) portion of a temple inside the museum. It was just awe inspiring. Definitely check out this free (with suggested donation) museum and be impressed! IMG_8675.JPG








Driehaus Museum

Just a few blocks away from the hustle and bustle of Michigan Avenue is one hell of a historical gem. The Driehaus Museum is “one of the few remaining examples of the palatial homes erected by the wealthy of America’s Gilded Age…. Visitors are immersed in the original splendor of this late 19th century home.” This home was stunning, not only was the architecture simply breath taking – marble on marble on marble with hand painted ceilings and ornate wall papers, but the featured furniture and in this case, Tiffany Lamp exhibit, was beautiful. The museum/home has three floors to discover and a very friendly staff to ask questions and “to peek inside all the closed doors.” (Sadly the closed doors are just storage, but it was sill fun to see!)

I couldn’t imagine such wealth especially during that period where it was opulence or squalor in the city of Chicago. Anyways get your best “Downton-esque” accent and affluent attitude and check out these photos!

















1000 BLEEPING Cycling Miles

It’s no surprise that I LOVE  my bike. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m in a relationship with my bike.  I commute to work everyday on it, choose to ride long distances because it’s just so fun, and prefer to take a ride on my bike rather than use the car. From Memorial Day to Labor Day I managed to hit 1000 miles, despite one nasty crash (sprained the membrane between my ulna and radius), a car wreck, and three flats.  Here are some funny/nice/awesome moments of my first summer cycling in Chicago.


Me and Yoshi right after reaching 1000 miles on 8/29/2014.


That time I wore this white Nike top and there was a surprise downpour on the way home….. AWKWARD.


Giant Bike Packs. Gotta be prepared I guess.


One Year exactly. 8.26.2013 vs 8.26.2014. HUZZAH.


On the ride air pumps. This was the first of 3 flats I encountered – all within the same week too!


Gorgeous view from my long University of Chicago Campus rides – total distance that day 35 miles.


Work is nice enough to have an indoor bike rack. Yoshi never has to brave the elements without me.


The aftermath of Yoshi vs. Car. Twisted handlebars… thank goodness no other damage was done.


Sorry for my butt… about a week after my first crash. It took two months for that bruise to totally disappear.


On the road with Yoshi and Leopold. If only that squirrelly little pug would sit in a basket… sigh.


Here’s to many more 1ks on Yoshi!


get it in gear

wow. Well I guess with labor day this weekend, the summer is officially over. I, for one, had the best summer of my life. I learned so much about myself, conquered some really big personal mind-blocks, and did a bunch of cool shit. Plus I let go entirely of the control I felt I had on my life and in doing so was surprised to find what I’d hoped and dreamed for all along.

I’m a fan of lists so I guess I’ll just do a little list of the things I experienced this wonderful wonderful summer.

1. Rode 1000 + miles on my bike – yep from memorial day to labor day. I hit the 1k. SO RAD.


2. Learned to brew my own Kombucha, make my own Kale chips, and can my own shelf stable foods.


3. Celebrated 1 year sober.

4. Joined Title Boxing.

5. Ran the majority of days during lunch – with awe inspiring views.


6. Let go of bad self-esteem and closed the door on relationships that make me feel badly.

7. Opened an Etsy Store! Weeeee!

custom cake

8. Got tattooed.



9. Did the Whole30 Challenge with Lois.

10. Embarked on a new adventure with lots of motorcycles, antiques, and laughs.

It was a damn good summer. Now that it's over I need to focus and get it in gear for a productive and great Fall. That means, tightening up the budget, dedicating myself to 3 days of boxing a week, focusing at work and hustling for a promotion hopefully, and giving GFK + the etsy store my undivided attention.

lesssss dooooo this.


Noodles’ Dopesmoker

I got to meet an awesome tattooer and person this past Sunday – Noodles. Alisha Rice introduced me to him via their tattooing relationship and mega cat enthusiast agendas. Since Noodles works in a super successful and busy shop outside the city I didn’t expect to see him until my future appointment around Thanksgiving Day. However, he had a last minute opportunity to work at Chicago Tattooing Company and I figured if anything I’d pop in to say hello. Well it worked out he had time and I was stoked on some “Rollo-esque” flash he had done a while back so I chose a skull Dopesmoker.

Super happy with it. Thanks again Noodles!