4th Day of Xmas Post: Goals.

Five goals you wish to achieve this Christmas vacation

1. Fill in that empty dragon on my arm.
2. Knit a few cowls/projects.
3. Go on a mini-adventure (more on that later)
4. Drink five million Americanos with Peppermint/Chocolate flavors (it’s my holiday drink since 99% of places don’t have almond milk as a ‘dairy’ option)
5. Eat at Las Cazeulas – I miss green chili so effing much.

Those are all entirely attainable goals. Well maybe 5 million Americanos is a bit much, adjust that to 1 million.

I’m off to Denver tonight through Christmas Day and I cannot wait to see friends/family! Last night I had to run over to the DHL that is by O’Hare (approx. 30 minute drive) to pick up a package that they would not leave at my house. I spotted a super cute window santa on my way there and decided to stop for a soda water/picture of him on the way back.

Then I finished a fun cowl I just started on my lunch break – it only took about 1.5hrs to make! I haven’t ever really done a quick/simple project like this so I was over the moon about it. The pattern is free on Ravelry here.


12 Days of Xmas – The Short List.

Five Christmas presents you want to receive.

1. Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needle Set


3. All the Holiday Nog – from Califia




That’s pretty much the short list. Not too hard. I’m excited I get to go home to Denver and celebrate with family and close friends. I also get my arm worked on by Miss Alisha Rice. I also plan on drinking 3 jugs of the almond nog. SAY SOMETHING.

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

Okay so I needed a small challenge to get back in the saddle of daily blogging. Mary over at Secret Obsession (from the October Daily Challenge I did) was smart and creative enough to host a 12 Days of Christmas blogging challenge. I think since there is a few more than 12 days left in the month I’ll go ahead and just start this challenge now!


1. Being able to go to Denver and spend Christmas with my friends and family.
2. My job – I am one of the few that is actually doing what I went to school to do.
3. An uncompromised future – I’m gonna keep doing what makes me that authentic self.
4. Sobriety – the BEST gift I ever gave myself.
5. The Ugly Tribe.
6. Yarn.