Throwback Thursday Game of Thrones PARTY.

Today’s challenge was to go back in time and re-surface a blog for you to re-read. I first had to scroll back through the crafts, the move, the metal, the doom, the naked cats, and the pug – but I found the post I’d like to re-share.

Let’s venture back to Spring 2012 – Game of Thrones was in Season 2 on HBO and I had just acquired a crew of BADASS B*s to get GoT rowdy with. My throwback is from one of me and my gals’ Game of Thrones viewing parties.

This one was especially fun, because one badass b*s brought her camera and made us take silly photos with props.

Anyways take a look here by clicking on the picture:

I’m stoked to say I WILL be in Denver for the 2014 GoT premiere so we will party down r.r.martinstyle.