Summer Epiphany

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Of course I changed a TON of things in my life this summer, but I will be really candid here in saying the best epiphany that occurred to me was that I should always come first. Has it gotten to the point where I’m annoying about this ‘authentic self’ yet? Over the summer I realized that I had given so much of myself away in the hopes that someone would finally come around and change/give back for me that I had essentially lost myself entirely. I felt like I wasn’t able to do anything that I really wanted – ever. Not to mention I didn’t stand for anything really and was someone I didn’t want to be. I also accepted that I cannot drink at all anymore. I’m sure many of you have known me to throw back a few over the years, so it may be shocking that suddenly I’m sober, but it is the best gift I have given myself. The time was right to cut that out of my life in a rather un-dramatic way. I can look back now seeing how much I’ve done and just kind of wonder where I would be if I had phased that out a long time ago. But, I digress since giving that up was not a big deal at all. I finally feel like I’m on fire. I’m able to concentrate, give the appropriate amount of energy and be motivated about anything I choose.

I generally dislike summers because they require me to re-examine my life and my status quo. This summer was no exception and ultimately, I walked away with the foundations for the authentic self that I am falling hard in love with everyday as well as the gifts of joy and contentment through sobriety. You should always put yourself first. I learned that over the summer and now that it is deep into Fall, I have never been more content and happy.