Generous Peeps.

Share a generous act that you did to a complete stranger.

but what about the children?
but what about the children?

Geez. I don’t really want to get all ‘look how I help/give to others’ memememe on this. Instead let’s take a walk on the other side of the prompt and talk about what we can all being doing more of to help out in our world.

1. Volunteer – Elders / kids / animals } there are so many that need attention/help/aid. If one of these groups interests you, then why not get involved with your local Salvation Army, Little Brothers, Humane Society, Dumbfriends League, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Toys for Tots… the list goes on. PLUS you don’t have to give every weekend to a cause – sometimes even two hours of your time a month is enough to give (seriously). Participating in a volunteer community matters a lot. You may not think you have time or the drive, but if you find an organization that speaks to you, it won’t be a hassle. Look at me with the Elders! Do some research and see how you can give back to the world.

2. Conserve – You know I push the eco-scene… I was force-fed this at Aveda plus writing my thesis about Organic Beauty really sent me over the edge. What we consume DOES MATTER. As consumers we can influence entire markets and truly change our current economic system with what we buy. We just have to tap into that power – believe in your power as a consumer!

3. Smile – this little thing changed my whole world. Even on the crappiest day a smile can produce radical results. Show those pearly whites and make the world a more positive place.



Summer, Summer, Summer…..

The good, the bad, and the ugly.  This seems to always describe my summer perfectly.  This summer was full of kittens, sewing, a fabulous wedding, and a parting of ways.

Although I had a busy summer – that did not include any tanning (sorry porcelain skin BriLanna) – I am really excited to get Fall underway.  Why you may ask?  Well…..  For one my sewing skills are really starting to blossom into lots of little home crafts, some gifts for friends, and ultimately a vintage Vogue coat – I’m going to start the muslin prep for that next week!  Also I’m getting to head to a knitting retreat in November!  I have been trying to figure out what I can bring to work on for such a fun event.  Plus I get to go with my mom so we will have a fun mothers-daughters knitfest.


The most exciting news is that I get to go to Thailand to visit my little sister who is currently studying abroad there.  I CANNOT wait to get over there!  It’s been a fantasy for many years to visit and now I have the wonderful opportunity to do so!

But a close second is that I will soon be volunteering with a wonderful organization here in Chicago called Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly.  They do wonderful things for seniors that have become isolated and not social.  The events and schedules look like a BLAST!  Plus I have chosen to be ‘matched’ with a senior to visit in their home.  Obviously, anyone that knows me, knows that I grew up ‘visiting’ with seniors so this will be a real treat for me.  I really miss the perspective, honesty, and love that elderly people bring to my life.  Being relatively isolated myself here in Chicago (aside from crafts/the ugly tribe/work/and hobbies) I am really looking forward to having a new social scene.

What else can I tell you about my summer?  Well I have been listening to some great (in my opinion music) Ellie Goulding (a longtime fan of hers), Birdy, Lykke Li, Lana Del Rey, and my new FAVORITE Oh Land.

Also this weekend I have planned a trip to Milwaukee for a Tattoo Exhibit, an educational how-to at the Lomography store, and of course seeing the new movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

How was everyone’s summer?  I’m glad to be blogging again – sorry I haven’t EVER been consistent – that’s changing too. Details to come.