A High School Memory

Share a high school memory that you will never forget.

It’s funny I’m not really someone who cared about high school. I got to school one minute before the bell rang and was outta there thirty seconds after class ended. I only liked a handful of people from high school and I still talk/catch up/know what those handful are up to via facebook/blogs/instagram/texting etc. Otherwise high school, for me, was a time when I got the opportunity to grow personally away from the stereotypical teenage norms.

I never drank, smoked, partied – the extent of my ‘rebellion’ was planning to see a movie and then seeing a late screening then going home afterwards. I didn’t see the need to rebel or anything because I loved my home life. I never had a teenage romance or love or boyfriend. I did however become obsessed with Heath Ledger (RIP) and Elivs (RIP). I worked hard in school and it paid off for me with my success in college.

I did however discover the gym and healthy eating. I would say the coolest thing I did was lose a bunch of weight – and healthfully. But that’s not really a memory as more a learned lifestyle I’m happy I was open to.

I guess what I would never forget is that I didn’t have the ‘typical’ high school experience. Instead, I came home for lunch everyday senior year to have it with my grandma and hold ribbons so she could tie them into bows, spent Saturday nights watching Lawrence Welk with Juanita and Lois, spent some Fridays having amazing dinner parties with Lois or Poppop & Cym, and overall had really enjoyable time with the people I loved.

It takes most young people well into their twenties to figure out their family is actually awesome. I’ve always known this and therefore I’m glad there’s not one stand out memory from ‘high school’ that doesn’t involve them some how.

It’s funny though, in hindsight I really loved who I was in high school especially the last year or so. Here I am almost a decade later and I’m getting back to the things my 17 year old self lived by and thought was important. Family, self-worth, healthy (i.e. sober) living, hard-work, and CRAFTS!

Oh and for good measure my favorite thing about high school was this band: