My Thesis: Read it all!

With my Top Five Post earlier and mentioning my thesis journey I realized I never made my paper available to any curious readers. Just remember this is MY ORIGINAL WORK. If you steal from it or use it in a way that is not just reading it for leisure/curiosity/seeing if I can write/write without an attitude – NOT COOL. As Liam Neeson said in Taken “I will find you.” Okay that being said….

Here it is in it’s entirety. The Organic Beauty Industry: A Gendered Economic Review

Can you believe this goofball has a MA?
Can you believe this goofball has a MA?


Ahoy! Blog Friends!


After much thought and research I have decided to re-brand my blog as GHOSTFACEKNITTER.  I think it suits the content and the personality behind this blog much more than the old name of tattoosandtarts.  ALSO!  You can now visit my blog directly from the domain!  Rejoice! I will also be changing my other accounts to reflect this so look for the changed names in my ABOUT section soon!

This new blog will still have the old things you love, but now it will focus more on crafts and my life! I hope you enjoy and please leave comments and/or suggestions for me.  I LOVE FEEDBACK!