So Faded Sweater – Work in Prog

I have a confession.  I’ve never finished a knit sweater.  I have started two vintage patterns, probably a dozen pet sweaters, and have completed the Heliopath – Luna’s vest from the Harry Potter Knitting book, but never actually successfully knitted something that wasn’t an accessory.

At any rate – I saw a Knitterly ad on Facebook for this sweater when I was in Iowa in May – I LOVED IT.  I quickly found Drea Renee’s website and now am a cult fan. I’m probably in 30 hours on this sweater in total.  I have 2 inches of ribbing on the body, 7 inches on each sleeve, and then the neck ribbing to complete. I’m guessing another 5-10 hours.


Specs on Time/Cost during WIP

Supplies List

Random Comments about pattern:

  • super easy make one left/right increase pattern
  • loved the in-pattern commentary about color changing and tips for success
  • love the texture of the sleeves being garter stitch
  • I did have a confusion point on the sleeves, as written in the pattern I felt they were not symmetrical – but decided to make the sleeve location on the body symmetrical and feel that was the right thing.  It probably was what the pattern had meant, but of course I interpreted differently as there were no corrections online regarding this.
  • Drea Renee – available I reached out to her about the sleeves (albeit not helpful in my description!) but she replied.





just ribbing, sleeves, and neckline to go!!

The Winter of Craft

This winter I really let my inner-knitter out.  (Like I let her out and let her run around the front yard waving knitting needles).  It all started with a really funny ‘cute’ pet knit project book. 

Pet Projects



Oh it looks so adorable.  Make this ‘firework-muffeling” hat for your pug – GET SUCKED IN. 



A cat consumed by knitting.



A special keekee teepee complete with pink garland for extra fun!



The bean bag – his favorite thing I’ve ever knitted.



This was the seed stitch for the teepee and initially it was going to be a cowl for me, but I have too many cowls and not enough teepees.



My favorite sweater I made for him – it took 7 other sweaters to finally knit it to his exact shape and size.  He hates it and will only wear it if it’s below 15 degrees F outside.



Leopold in his total armor.  This project gave me the idea to make a knitted knights costume for him for halloween.  

So those were a few of my projects – I also knitted many cowls, some cute smaller ‘for fun’ or pattern learning swatches.  I’m thinking of getting a cache of cowls, scarves, and hats together for the upcoming fall/winter to sell or donate.  Perhaps people would be interested in that?