Russian Camera Outcome

So remember a few weekends ago when I went to the car show in Woodstock? Well I brought along that top-view Lubitel camera to play around with. Here are the shots – I took a total of 9 or 10 – Remember I didn’t get serious with recording my aperture/light source/meter reads at all. There was an older guy there who creepily ‘liked the way I looked with the camera’ – but was kind of condescending about when I said I was just shooting ‘blindly.’ *GASP* Not everything has to be done ‘perfectly’????
Anyways – Here is the actual camera I used and then the half-dozen-ish shots that came out. My indoor shots were just florescent light patterns haha- *alright creepy old man I’ll give you that one.

I got the prints developed at the Lomography store here in Bucktown. While I was there I also picked up some more 120 film for a few of the cameras that I own that require that. I think I’ll get my light meter out and maybe horse around with indoor shots. I would like to take some 120 shots of the KnitFest next weekend so maybe I’ll get in gear for that?

Do you ever use ‘real’ film cameras anymore? I think I’m going to start using more 35mm for events- it’s just so easy to use digital because you can see the outcome immediately. BUT it’s way more fun to wait and see what comes back from the developer too.

Also here is my current tunes for Friday morning – Windhand. Epic band. I can’t stop listening on repeat.