Top 5 Posts by GFK

The Princess of Hearts!
The Princess of Hearts!

Today’s October Challenge is to pick the Top 5 blog posts I’ve written. This was hard, because everything I write is so amazing – like Nobel Peace Price worthy…. I digress, it wasn’t that hard, I knew which ones I’d feature immediately and I know most of you guys have loved them too based on your feedback and my site stats. Maybe they are new to some of you new peeps, but have a look!

First Best Video post: YOB


In no particular order:

1. Crafter Blood – A basic explaination of when I was infected with the crafting virus.

2. Tattoo Life – Where my tattoos have given me the life I live.

3. Thesis Process Deconstructed – If you’re a new reader you may not know the struggles, the DRAMA, and the saga of me getting my Master’s in Economics. Here’s the condensed version – short and sweet.

4. A Tale of 2 Brothers – Obviously the Ugly Tribe has grown with the addition of Boris. I wrote this silly story in the few days leading up to getting him. Two…nevermore.

5. The Power of Positivity – Despite GFK’s reputation in Boyz Town as being a miserable person – I’m actually a SUPER positive person. I discovered how positive thinking can re-charge your life and make you a person that you’re proud of. Plus you’ll get to read about my couple crush on my Cousin Matt and his beautiful wife Oli!

Honorable Mention:

Sphynx Cat Q&A – wait you have a naked pussy? Let’s all just take a collective moment to do a major *EYEROLL* and read the Q & A’s about Sphynx Cats.

I have so much fun writing this blog – I hope you guys love reading it. Are there any topics you’d like me to explore here in Chicago? Ultimate hotdog stand tasting? Perhaps tattoo shops here in the city? Or WAIT! What about best wig shop?

Lots o’ Love.

Meaningful Lyrics

Get a certain or favorite lyric/s from your favorite song, and tell us how it inspires or describes you.

Singing to Vladimir - He was not having it.
Singing to Vladimir – He was not having it.

This prompt is so difficult for me. I tend to relate to music differently depending on personal feelings/situations at any given moment – because I’m human and that’s how we work. That being said there is no way I can pick one small lyric or phrase. Therefore here are my most listened to crutch songs if you will. These songs define me, inspire me, and make me feel like in all the chaos and uncertainty in this world, we as humans share similar experiences and feelings.

Queens of the Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu

This song is just the epitome of attraction and all things fabulous in new loves/experiences.

Katy Perry – Part of Me

Never ever give anyone the ‘power’ to change who you are. Your true self is more important than any other person on the planet.

Talking Heads – This Must Be the Place

Their best song in my opinion. The tempo the lyrics and the mood just make sense for so many moments in my life.

Finally –

Dethklok – Go Forth and Die

Because I will always feel like a poser in any genre and I have a sense of humor. I’d like to think I’m a skeleton part of an army of doom dressed in my scholar robes too. Plus DETHKLOK ROCKS.

A total non-sensical combo, but that pretty much sums up the combination of interests/scholarly pursuits/animals/friends/family/fun that makes up my personality and inspires me to grow each day.



The Tattooed Life

I went to the Milwaukee Museum of Art two weekends ago and was able to see the Amund Dietzel Flash Tattoo Exhibit.  It was stunning.  Some of the designs he was drawing and tattooing in 1917 were something I know any tattoo inclined individual would love to have on their body today.  Obviously, I love tattoos.  I have a nice little collection started and many of my friends are tattoo enthusiasts if not tattooers themselves so ‘talking tattoos’ is something I’ve become familiar and comfortable with.  While I was there I heard some pretty hilarious banter from ‘non-tattoo’ folks. I don’t think very many of the people I shared the exhibit with were there specifically for Amund like I was.  I ended up spending about a solid hour combing over all the pieces of flash and personal photos and stories from Amund’s life while listening to passerbys say gems like ‘oh tattoos, this isn’t real art’ and ‘can you believe people used to get tattoos like this that said ‘mom’?’ 



Above is a tattoo flash from 1916!  And also Amund’s tattoo ‘kit’ where he stored his guns and ink.

This got me thinking about how certain people – well I would comfortably say the majority of people look at tattoos as being limiting.  Limiting in the sense that they prevent opportunities from arising or exclude the tattooed individual in a way that’s economically and socially negative.  I could say in certain situations that tattoos are limiting.  However, as I‘ve described before I’ve learned how to lead my double life and not feel like I’m betraying my identity in the process.  Thus, for me, I really believe my tattoos have given me infinite opportunities and a life I would have never led being tattoo-free.  
Without tattoos I can easily name the following things I would not have ever done.  I first would have never met the Dude because I would have never been friends with the person who introduced us.  Despite the Dude’s ever-changing role in my life, I would have never visited Chicago and realized I loved it here – therefore I would have never moved here or have gotten my dream job.  I would not know any of the people who I call my closest friends.  I would never have experienced a Game of Thrones party, gone to Durango for a weekend I’ll never forget, have picnics at Sloans Lake eating friend chicken, or spend a weekend in Baltimore sweating to the greatest doom metal bands around.  I would have never been comfortable being different.  I would have not gone to Aveda and pursued an interest that was completely foreign to my previous education and lifestyle.  I would have never met/dated/loved/hated a majority of the people I know and that I would never want to know a world without.  
The things I love most about myself have a lot to do with my lifestyle as a tattooed individual.  The funny thing is that if you ask me if I feel limited the answer is a resounding ‘no’ because I get to operate in both cultures of tattooed/non-tattooed. I guess I feel I get to be part of both easily.  In fact the only place I’ve ever felt ‘left out’ was the pool at the Ritz Carlton in Tokyo – their culture still isn’t on board with bathing and tattoos. I’m not trying to sound like I’m any sort of authority on being tattooed because I am definitely NOT.  Believe me I could name five friends in two seconds who have more authority in their little pinky on the topic. But the point is, I think the only reason I have the life I have is because I’m tattooed. 
I’m thankful I walked into the right shop over seven years ago and made the choice to be different in a way that allows me to experience more out of life.  I couldn’t imagine my body or my life without any of these tattoos and I would not change a single dot anywhere.  My life is truly blessed as a tattooed woman.