Things I’m Loving 8.18.2017

Another edition of Things I’m Loving right now!

I am so happy it’s Friday.  This week has been just weird. Work has been tough – which can be inspiring, but it can also wear me down.  I’m ready for some days off.

Millet Tots

What the fuck is millet? Isn’t that mouse feed? You know the corn cob looking blocks you get for a hamster? Perhaps? BUT, I recently found these millet tots and I love them.  They are like grown up healthy versions of tater tots, I can get down with that.  They come in a few variations – King Soopers/Kroger has them plus all my local health food stores including Whole Foods. I just am digging them in my breakfasts with eggs and some green chili. *drools

Plus Colorado made!

Vega Hydration

Being a Vega fanboy takes a lot of time and energy without any the glory of free items, but I’m still a huge Vega fanboy.  These hydration mixes aren’t new to me, but I find that as it continues to be hot I need the something extra to put electrolytes back in.  I love the to-go packets the most – I can add them to any water bottle and they aren’t too sweet or leave gross after taste in my mouth or Nalgene.  Come in berry and lemon-lime flavors!

Podcast – The Secret to Victory


To say I’ve been tested at work lately has to be one of the biggest understatements I’ve made this year. It’s part of the reason I love my job – I’m challenged all the time.  It can be hard to deal with misses and failures though, that shit doesn’t fit into my straight A living lifestyle (yes I still grade myself).  I loved hearing how these athletes got through it and ultimately got so much better.  The premiere episode is about Peyton + Eli Manning’s rookie years, pure gold.  Did you know Peyton still holds the record for most interceptions for a rookie? He hopes someone new will break the record for him soon.

Instant Pot + Paleo Cooking with your Instantpot

First things first, I have wanted an Instantpot for over 2 years. I technically have one since my autocanner is an electric pressure cooker, but that’s not really meant for the same kind of cooking the Instantpot is.  What is the Instantpot? It’s an electric pressure cooker – surprise!  I haven’t done any cooking with a pressure cooker – as a kid my grandma had one, but I guess I never paid attention to the foods she’d cook in there.

At any rate.  I finally splurged (aka used an Amazon gift card) and bought this one. I’ve used it every day for the past 10 days. From haricot vertes, spaghetti squash, and chicken tika masala – I have been loving it!  I made green chili in 30 minutes in there on Monday and it was so great. I got this book (I’m dairy free now). The chicken tika masala is the best we’ve ever had.

I’d highly recommend both the pressure cooker and the book!

Well hope everyone had a better week than me.  I’m heads down on a secret project that I can’t wait to share, but I noticed I never blogged about my quilts from the holidays so you’ll see those soon!

Happy Friday!





What I’m loving right now

Okay, this is me being a big fat copy cat. 😽 I follow a few other blogs that do this feature and I thought I would get in on the fun!

I usually try to shove the things I love down everyone’s throats on Instagram but here is a consolidated version with some extras I probably haven’t shared!

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series


I seriously cannot get enough of this series. IT IS SO GOOD. Honestly, one of the best series I’ve read in a while. I’m a huge fantasy fan so this meets the mark with Fae Realms, supernatural powers, and conquering your own demons.  The entire series is amazing each book better than the last. At the end of book 2 I got up, walked over to the dude and said ‘THAT BOOK WAS SO GOOD. OH MY GOD, OH MYYYYY GOD” I then proceeded to tell him the plot, but I couldn’t there is just so many backstories, and the book unfolds with them all. It’s just great. This is going down in my hall of fame (my place for books that get read over and over).


Ello Camping Mug


This is the second year that Target has carried this mug from Ello.  Last year I treated myself to a pink version and use it all the time.  I went back a few weeks after the initial purchase to get another, since I now have reached the stage in my life where I buy multiples of things I love, and they were gone. I was sad, but eagerly awaited this summer season to see if they would return. THEY DID!

Keeps things cold or hot for hours. Plus the handle is made from cork. The top never leaks and I love the camping enamel finish. Got the teal the second time around.

MillaMia Yarn

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.49.48 PM

Lois introduced my to MillaMia last year (she made those amazing Christmas ornaments for everyone) and then got me a bunch of it to make cowls for I had a bunch left over from then and am now making the So Faded sweater with the surplus I had. But I LOVE this yarn. I’ve found it on for $3 a skein and bought a whole bunch more in green, purple, and grey to make another So Faded sweater in the near future.  They have a bunch of free patterns available here. Try not to giggle like an idiot at the baby stuff.

Vintage Pattern FREE-FOR-ALL

I’ve been getting tagged a lot lately (thank you for those who have) in the huge public online release of both vintage knit and sew patterns.  SO AMAZING. Especially considering that people ask for a lot of money for vintage patterns.

South Hampton’s Knitting Reference Library

Free Vintage Knitting


Vintage Patterns Wikia

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 3.04.39 PM



The dude brought home this chia + flax seed mix a while ago and I have since re-purchased multiple bags of this. I just love it. It feels like a treat! It’s been a huge staple for me since giving up processed sugar for good plus with the Omega-3s! It’s a great treat.

What are some things that you have been loving?