month long round up

Oopsy! With fall showing up I have been in crochet, cleaning, knitting, sewing and eating mode! Here’s some pictures to show you what I’ve been up to the past month!





















Blog Break

Well, I sure did not mean to take a week long break from GFK. However, I was incredibly busy and distracted. First, my mom came into town over the weekend and we had a blast! Walking, hanging, watching Roku, crafting, shopping, and of course eating. Second, work has been kicking my butt. I start a new assignment and to say that I’m taking to it like a fish to water would be a lie. I’m struggling. I know things get better with practice and time, but it’s difficult at the moment. I’m mentally really tired. I haven’t been able to craft as much lately simply because my brain is overloaded. Third, GMAT prep is just crap. Wow the positive vibes are radiating out of me here – but – spending 15+ hours a week on something and seeing no improvement is just shitty. There I said it. I stand by my claim that I’ll pray to God I’ll pull a great score out of my ass on test day, but realistically it looks like I’ll need a formal ($$$$) class this fall. Le sigh.

Things getting me through the weather, life, work, and stress of May 2014: Long walks during lunch, epic BBQ sessions at my house at night, Yoga – handstands, Runs/Gym time, Candy/Sweets/Chocolate, T-we Tea, Roku 3, and the ugly tribe.

me and katy puggy

5-2013 vs 5-2014

Onward. zzzzz.

Denver April 2014

Home Sweet Home. Well sweet old home. I flew into Denver for a quick visit Friday through Monday and boy was it fun! I got to see my family, go for a wonderful hike, eat some delicious food, finish my fantasy sleeve, hung with my badass super babe crew, visited Allegro Coffee headquarters, and attended a Game of Thrones premiere party! I will do a separate post on the Allegro visit and the Game of Thrones party in the next few days. Let’s roll the footage!

first stop!  The Curve for some effing good green chili.
first stop! The Curve for some effing good green chili.
Alisha Rice finished my sleeve! Guess it's time to work on something else!
Alisha Rice finished my sleeve! Guess it’s time to work on something else!
my homie TWINKIELOVE24/7 painted this super super adorable portrait of me and my ugly tribe. xoxoxo
my homie TWINKIELOVE 24/7 painted this super super adorable portrait of me and my ugly tribe. xoxoxo


the artist known at twinkielove24/7 and I hiked dinosaur ridge in morrison.
the artist known as twinkielove24/7 and I hiked dinosaur ridge in morrison.
it was pretty muddy on the downslope.
it was pretty muddy on the downslope.
but worth it. gorgeous view of red rocks/the hogback. le sigh i miss mountains.
but worth it. gorgeous view of red rocks/the hogback. le sigh i miss mountains.
i made this amigurume dragon for out GoT party hostess Alisha Rice.
i made this amigurume dragon for out GoT party hostess Alisha Rice.
the Allegro Cafe - super amazing there.
the Allegro Cafe – super amazing there.

Life Around Here.

the hipsters are restless in Logan Square.

Life has been so busy lately. I’ve been studying for the GMAT, knitting the Heliopath KAL, running/working out, and taking care of my tribe.

First things first, the GMAT. I have to say I’m enjoying working through the workbooks for this exam. I have never studied for a standardized test before so all the strategies and methodologies are fascinating. However, the testing material is intense. Nothing is ‘complicated’, but the way the exam is designed is to make sure you know the basics in-and-out. So I’m re-memorizing my geometry proofs, my algebra rules, basic grammar skills, and reasoning strategies. I have faith I’ll get the score I’ve set as my goal, but these next 9 weeks will be full of practice problems, practice exams, and workbooks.

The Heliopath KAL is coming along – I’m about to start the arm shape-ing. Honestly, I’m pretty tired of the cables so I took a few days break from working on it. Tonight I’ll get one side done and hopefully start on the back-piece/make head way on that. I did however rearrange my entire house/address my clay cat-litter ‘situation’ I ended up switching to World’s Best (again) so fingers crossed my asthma/Boris’ allergies are improved.

DIY face mask I made to clean/rearrange my space. Asthma, suck it.

The gym has been great. I got an outdoor run in on Sunday since the weather was lovely. I also ‘splurged’ and bought new running shoes, which I desperately needed. These New Balances are great. I honestly feel like my momentum and speed are soaring in them!

My new New Balance Carnival 574s
Logan Square. 5K Sunday Run.

The Ugly Tribe. I spend so much time at home, these guys really make me so happy. Although during my first full length practice exam on Saturday, Vladimir would not leave me alone and would not stop fussing with stuff in the kitchen. I don’t think the GMAT people had a pesky sphynx in mind when they designed the exam. I may start going to the library to take those exams since I had to get up three separate times to sternly warn my eldest cat to GET THE EFF OUT OF THE SINK / QUIT KNOCKING OVER CLEAN BUT DRYING DISHES. Anyways here’s some photos of my weekend with them.

Boris waiting for some string cheese.
dont’ go run mom, just stay here and hold me.
you gonna share that mom?
pug – spooning.
lay with me you little sh%t.
I take nap here. zzzz.


Settling In

Phew! Things are really going well here at kitten central (fingers crossed/knock on wood). ¬†Boris and Vladimir started off with some small hissing – all started by Boris because his size is so much smaller. ¬†Finally, last night Boris and Vladimir started interacting without hissing. ¬†Then late last night and this morning, they started playing with each other. ¬†It’s been so adorable – Vladimir will even groom Boris! (Kind of weird, but I’ll take it) Boris had his ‘new kitten wellness check up’ aka ‘give us any extra money you have for tests you don’t need but feel bad saying no about getting’. ¬†$125 for his 5 minute exam and the rest of the appointment was spent by giddy vet-techs handing him off to each other and kissing him and talking to him in high pitched voices. ¬†Alas, to be an adorable kitten.

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about Leopold – I’ve been talking to him extra nice and took him on a long solo walk this evening around Palmer Square (a cute small park near our house). ¬†Boris is still undecided about Leopold – Boris will run up to him excited, smell him, look at him and then stand there an hiss as menacingly as a 2lb kitten can until Leopold just walks away. ¬†It’s kind of cute, but I’m sure Leopold is wondering why I put him through this again. ¬†Sorry bubbie.

So without further ado Рhere are the new photos. 




















A Tale of Two Brothers

In honor of our last few days as a family of four I thought I would tell the story of two brothers – Leopold & Vladimir.

First there was a little spoiled pug named Leopold William Edward VIII.


He was the epitome of an only child – not having to share any toys or treats.


He even had his very own life vest and personal pool wrangler in the summer. (So spoiled)

But one day – a new creature appeared that everyone kept saying was his brother, Vladimir.


It was hard to understand how this thing was his brother since they didn’t look anything alike and he looked kind of scary.


At first it was awkward and there was lots of staring and sniffing.


But slowly they started not minding each other – especially if mom was around.


And one time Vladimir hurt his foot, but Leopold took care of him and made sure he was going to be as good as new.


After that, Vladimir knew that Leopold was his brother – and started treating him like one.





They even had to wear matching outfits  Рhow embarrassing!


But over the past 4 years Leopold and Vladimir have grown to love each other very much and they are really brothers.


The End.

It will be so fun to have them meet their new ‘brother’ on Saturday – the story will only get better.

Sphynx Cat Q&A

Whenever people find out or see that I have a Sphynx cat there are usually A LOT of questions that I have to answer.¬† Ranging anywhere from obvious answers to more detailed explanations, people have some pretty good questions.¬† I thought I’d answer some of those here.


1.¬† Is that a skin-less cat? It doesn’t have any hair anywhere?

Well for starters they do have skin.¬† I think this is just a ‘slip of the tongue’ but I hear it a lot.¬† They also have hair – it just depends on the amount and texture.¬† Vladimir is a really nice ‘hairless’ cat in my opinion because he has softer fine hair all over except a small patch of short white hair on his nose.¬† Some sphynxes have more ‘tufts’ on their tails or paws depending on their own genetic make up.¬† One kitten in a litter could be more ‘hairy’ than it’s litter mates – it just depends upon each one.

2.  Why did you get a hairless cat?

To be honest I thought they were hypoallergenic Рseriously.  I went and looked at some full-grown cats and fell in love with how goofy they were and decided to get one for myself.

3.  Does that cat give you allergies?

Yes. The allergens are actually in the cat’s saliva.¬† Vladimir grooms himself just like a normal cat and therefore is covered in allergens all the time.¬† Costco sells Zyrtec in bulk, so I’ve overcome this sometimes debilitating issue.

4.  What does their skin feel like?

Easiest answer like soft thick skin.  Also like a peach or smooth pig skin.

5.  Where do you buy a hairless cat?

There are breeders all over the world now.¬† In terms of buying locally – do your research.¬† Certain breeders can be more intense than others (i.e. wanting you to show your cat or adhere to strict care guidelines down to what litter to use).¬† Sometimes I think it could be worth it to buy from a long-distance breeder if you ‘click’ with their breeding and caring habits better.¬† I bought Vladimir from a great girl in Las Vegas and now Waldo (our new addition) is from a wonderful woman outside Milwaukee.¬† In the end, every breeder I have met has only wanted to insure the cat goes to a devoted and loving home.¬† However, I have seen some breeders make their customers sign really strict contracts like I mentioned ensuring you use a specific brand of litter or a certain type of food pending on ‘kitten-revocation.’

6.  What do hairless cats act like?

Amazing cats!¬† From the dozens + sphynxes I have met over the years I can describe them all as incredibly loving and friendly.¬† The best description of a sphynx is part monkey, part cat, part dog, and part human – I really agree with this.¬† They will run around and play/fetch like a dog.¬† Climb all over everywhere (including their person) like a little monkey.¬† Sulk around and be ‘irritated’ by their person like a cat.¬† Their personalities are so big and unique they really do act like their own little person – they even make their own noises.¬† Vladimir says ‘bbrrrruuummmmbbbb’ for most situations.¬† They also require a large amount of attention.¬† They are not like ‘traditional’ cats that could take or leave human interaction.¬† Sphynxes are known to sit on your lap for hours, sleep in the nook of your arm, and pretty much lay all over you.

7.  How much do they cost?

This varies slightly, but I would say the average range across the country is between $1050-$1300 depending on if they are ‘show’ quality, amount of hair and if they come spade/neutered.¬† It seems pricey, but if you are considering a hairless cat you need to make sure you are getting a high quality bred cat.¬† Their breed can have certain issues and responsible and smart breeders are the ones that insure you get a cat that you will have for a long time.

8.  Do you have to put lotion or sunscreen on your cat?
NO. Vladimir gets washed three or four times a month with Aveeno body wash.¬† He doesn’t really like bath time – there are some Sphynxes that love water, but not mine.¬† He just sits there and waits for it to be over.¬† They don’t need lotion because they produce their own oils to moisturize their skin.¬† I have never heard of a cat wearing sunscreen, but I guess if you had a cat that refused to stop sunbathing (which they love to do) to the point where they became sunburned you might have to use it.¬†
9.  Do they get cold?
Yes.¬† Very easily.¬† As many of you know, I knit quite a lot of outfits and sweaters for Vladimir.¬† He only really ‘enjoys’ wearing them if it is extremely cold outside and thus chilly inside.¬† His favorite shirt is a short AC/DC shirt for cooler days.¬† Otherwise he just finds a warm lap, a blanket to snuggle under, an open heating vent, or a sunspot.¬† Whenever I cannot find Vladimir I usually just look for a lump under the covers or any fabric and there he is!
10.¬† What’s going on with your cats nails?
Any cat owner has an opinion about de-clawing.¬† Obviously, owning a sphynx I am extremely AGAINST de-clawing.¬† In my opinion it is disfiguring, dangerous, and lazy on an owner’s part to de-claw a cat.¬† Essentially de-clawing ‘cuts off’ the cats finger just below the equivalent of their knuckle.¬† I’m sorry, but to me – seeing my cats ‘fingers’ everyday it’s horrific to think about the process.¬† We trim Vladimir’s nails at least every two weeks and he uses cat scratching posts to maintain them for himself.¬† Yes, Vladimir has ruined many shirts, countless pantyhose, a few upholstered chairs (sorry Dad and Cym) – but in the end it’s my fault for not covering them/trimming his nails more often.¬† (Saran wrap and fabric pins are essential for stopping scratching if they won’t leave a certain texture of cloth alone)
There are lots of comments – some nice, some ‘offensive’ – that come with owning a Sphynx.¬† Ultimately I don’t care what is said, because I love Vladimir so much.¬† He and his breed are such characters and so sweet I cannot believe anyone wouldn’t want to one day own a Sphynx. Here are some links if you’d like some more information:

Join the Sphynx Cult today!

Or if you have any other questions feel free to ask me now! You all know I love talking in Sphynx!