The Best of Vladimir

With deep sadness I am writing this blog post for Vladimir.  We said goodbye at the vet after he had a stroke due to HCM on April 6th, 2016.  He was 6 years old, going on 7 on July 27th.  He was my first sphynx cat and the sweetest boy.  He would let us hold him for hours and kiss on him.  He was the friendliest little fella, he would try to befriend anyone that came to our house, whether they wanted his friendship or not. He was simply – the best. His little mannerisms and chirps were hysterical and often times he would have a conversation with you mewing and chirping in response to questions. He LOVED food and would do anything for some TREATS! or a small bite of whatever anyone was eating.  His favorite music was by Neil Young and Queen (“Best Friend”).

He was diagnosed with advanced end-stage HCM in May of 2015 with 3 months to live.  He made it 8 months further than that with the best quality of life we could have ever wished for.  I never even knew he was sick (aside from paying the medicine bill)!  He was just such a huge part of our lives and our home.  I don’t think one day passed that neither Rob or myself didn’t talk about how much we loved him.  I just can’t believe he is finally gone and will never be here again to sit on my lap or cuddle with me while we slept.  There is a huge hole in my heart and my home right now.

I thought I would share my favorite photos since he did have so many fans.


Oh Vladimir, life just won’t be the same without you – I hope there’s unlimited treats in kitty heaven.



4 thoughts on “The Best of Vladimir

  1. So very sorry for your loss. Vladimir sounds and looks like such a beautiful boy. RIP dear Vladimir, play freely over Rainbow Bridge xx

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