healthy habits 2019!

One of my 2019 priorities is my health so I thought I would share some of my habits to kickstart the year!

Plant Based!

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July 2018 to January 2019

A picture says it all! I decided to go completely plant-based (vegan) in July of this year and it has radically changed my life for the better.  Not only have I lost +30lbs just through diet, my skin has never looked better (along with my vitamins!) and by eating whole foods (non-processed food) I just feel wonderful!

Not to mention:


Some awesome documentaries and resources can be found here!

Forks Over Knives – Netflix, about the health consequences of eating animal protein — it’s no coincidence that diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity plus so much more has increased with the amount of animal protein being consumed.

I Love Vegan –  holy vegan recipe batman…. they have everything here – literally you will miss NOTHING by going vegan!

Veganuary – An awesome challenge for the month of January to go Vegan!!

Sleep Tracker!

For those of you with a fitness/activity tracker like Apple Watch, Fitbit etc this is a game changer!  A few years ago I talked to a nutritionist who actually prioritized sleep as the first thing to conquer/change in a daily routine for weight loss.  She would see clients lose weight just by increasing their sleep!  Of course sleep is directly linked to health and wellness.  I am someone who had no idea what my ideal sleep was, or what my sleep patterns meant for my days/goals.  Pre-Apple Watch life I would have inconsistent habits with sleep (I still LOVE a good all nighter – but my body hates them).

I started tracking my sleep and within 2 weeks I had confirmed that 7.5 hours was my ideal sleep target to function at my best each day!  With 7.5 hours I felt rested, ready to engage, brain ready to work and body operating at an awesome foundational level.  Now it’s easy to prioritize sleep so I work/live my best life!



Surprise! Oils are a HUGE part of my health and wellness regime!  I use them for everything – both physically and emotionally!

Oils to aid in metabolism, support anxiety/stress, help for restful nights, ease stomach discomfort, support lady health, support glowing skin… basically EVERYTHING.

I’ve found out so much about the efficacy and safety of essential oils and I will forever only recommend doTERRA because they are 100% clear in their process/practice and commitment to wellness with oils.


Tannith and I decided to get back into the whole ‘workout thing’ since we both feel so much better when we do move our bodies!  We turned to Betty Rocker (you’ll remember we did a 90 day challenge and both saw awesome results back in 2015!) and I’m already LOVING her new workouts and the burn!

It really helps with stress management and my confidence when I am moving/toning my body.  Plus, I get to use my fancy basement gym equipment!

Well there you have it.  Just a few simple ways I’m investing in my health in 2019.

When I take care of me, I can do more for the world and others!



2018 was what you made it.

It’s been an entire year since I’ve blogged here.  I prefer Instagram and using photos/moments to quickly update, but as the year went on, I realized that I miss the long format of blog writing so here I am!


It was a life changing year for me.  Most are.  I spend so much of my energy changing, surmounting where I’m at, where I’ve been and morphing into me, that every year for the last 6, has been another major milestone in who I’m meant to be.  This year was no different for reasons I created and experienced.

Here is my vision board for 2018 that I made back in 12/2017!

2018 vision board

I accomplished just about everything, except getting married – but that was a blessing!

I ended up getting my own Crossfit set up at home so I could change the direction my body and mind was taking.  I love Crossfit, but I was struggling with PMA (positive mental attitude) regarding most things fitness.  In May, I competed with a team and physically failed a series of rope climbs that changed my outlook on my fitness, strength and mental wellbeing.  I honestly was not a nice person! I decided to step back from the in gym experience and focus on what I needed – being happy with myself.

I sewed less than I would have liked, but I did get some amazing quilts, dresses, table runners and oil bags done this year!  I’m currently re-doing my craft lab and in 2019 I’ll be offering classes, 1:1’s, group tutorials and FRIDAY CRAFT NIGHTS!

At work I took on SO MUCH.  I have always been a workaholic, but this year took me to new levels.  I invested in doTERRA development and travelled to Salt Lake City and Austin to level myself up and deepen my commitment and belief in essential oils.  I got all of my oils for free in 2018, thousands and thousands worth – and I leave the year feeling so grateful that oils and the business found me finally ready to receive them.

In my 9-5,  I was promoted to Sr. Management and at year’s end I’m on track to Director of all of Analytics – it’s humbling and amazing to work with my company and my team.  I have never been more challenged than I am now – growing and developing other leaders and help everyone thrive in their growth, development and lives.

In 2018, I got tattooed SO MUCH. Visited some really rad museums and purchased SO MUCH ART.  I am blessed to love art and to also meet the people who create.  In the later half of the year, tattooing was my way to heal my heart and mind and to talk to people who helped me look at life differently.

My family, friends and fur babies were my rocks this year.  I leaned on every single one of them so much.  I leaned for support, for inspiration, for laughs, for hugs and most of all – to remember what really matters. We are here for such a small amount of time.  Work, sadness, bad days, stagnant behaviors, false self-narratives — it all is nothing.  My core group reminded me that I matter in 2018.  I am so fucking grateful for all of them.

Spoiler! I didn’t get married. An 8 year relationship that I thought was ‘it’, ended.  Which although was a shock, was probably the biggest gift I’ve ever been given.  The lesson for me here (and I’m still healing and meditating on this) is that I still am not in control of the universe.  GASP.  I can hold things up, struggle, cry, carry on, be in pain and sacrifice so much, but I don’t control anything but myself.  I control my reactions, my actions and my ‘ignorance.’  I’m again grateful for this change, without it I would have never realized what was out there waiting.

On of my proudest accomplishments this year was getting completely out of debt!  It took 2 years to pay off $13k, but I did it and I’m so proud and damn it feels amazing not to be stressed about money!  Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedoms.  Freedom to not owe and stress is AMAZING.  I also continued to use my favorite apps to invest!  Qapital, Albert, Acorn, Robin Hood all helped me to continue to grow my worth and it was completely unnoticeable since it all auto saves/invests!

Another major item for me was going completely plant-based.  After years of struggling with vegan/vegetarianism, I decided to give it an honest go.  I think a few things have allowed me to see long-term success this time.

  1. Vegan Life Long Vitality Vitamins — I am getting all the supplements/nutrients from my food!
  2. Whole Foods – not processed vegan foods.
  3. Connection to Compassion.
  4. Dairy = Asthma VERY unhappy.

It was an awesome year. Full of surprises, sadness, comebacks, the best haircut of my life and the seedlings were planted for even more epic years to come.

Bye 2018! You were so good to me.




🎁 Gift Guide 2017: DIY with Essential Oils!

Well, holiday season is here!  To follow up with my first 2017 Gift Guide, I wanted to provide a DIY version for all my readers who enjoy putting a custom and special touch on their gifts!

Gifts Using Essential Oils!

Essential oils are such powerful gifts.  Imagine giving someone a gift that promotes wellbeing, immunity support, uplifting feelings and a restful night’s sleep? Well you can! Essential oils provide not only a unique gift for your friend + family member, but they can be customized to let that person know you are thinking especially of them!  The only thing you need to keep in mind is the quality of the oil you are giving.  With dōTERRA you don’t have to worry about quality or purity, as each essential oil are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

Essential Oil Gifting Reason 1:  Customization! 

You can give someone a bottle of dōTERRA essential oils and a How-To guide for enjoying it! (I can totally help you create gift flyers like the one below!)  This is perfect because if you know someone is in need of a restful nights sleep, tranquility,  or needs their mood uplifted, you can provide them the power of dōTERRA essential oils!  Just gift the bottle and an info sheet like below!

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 10.02.52 PM

Essential Oil Gifting Reason 2: Cost Friendly! 

If you make a scrub like the one below, you can make so many gifts for pennies!  Gifting DIY scrubs, felt car fresheners (literally a piece of felt!) or blends is an awesome way to again show someone you cared enough to make their gift, to think of them and their needs, and share essential oils with them!


Essential Oil Gifting Reason 3: Thoughtful All-in-One Gifts

You can also give the gift of wellness to someone by starting them with a kit or several essential oils along with a (free!) consultation from me so they can feel ready to use and enjoy their oils!  I am a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and I LOVE educating people on how they can use oils in their whole lives to see a radical change!

The Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused kit below is an amazingly powerful starter kit and will be a well loved gift!

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 8.47.34 PMEmotional Aromatherapy Diffused ($259.93 ONLY $156 until November 30th, 2017)

The Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Enrollment Kit (above) includes the perfect combination of materials to experience the uplifting and emotion boosting benefits of the aromatherapy system.

This Kit includes – a FREE dōTERRA wholesale membership ($35 value)

FREE private hour essential oil consultation with yours truly!

Lumo Diffuser

doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy™ System: (5 mL Bottles)

The doTERRA Essentials Booklet

You see? Gifting with essential oils can be super personal, fun, and heartfelt!  If you’d like to find out more about essential oils please contact me! I do weekly education classes as well as custom 1:1s!



2017 Gift Guide! 🎄🎁

Can you believe it’s going to be Thanksgiving this week?!

Excuse me? Has anyone seen 2017?

Anyways, it’s that time of the year when gift giving is a majority of our thoughts and it can be so stressful to find gifts that are meaningful, personal, unique, and of course affordable. Enter this blog post! I thought I could help get some ideas flowing for you gift list and hopefully make it a more fun gifting experience versus the mad dash for gifts that you aren’t very excited to give.  This is the time of the year that we can give thanks to those we know and to those in need and it should be inspiring!

Handmade crochet goodies from Frankly Hooked! 

Tannith makes the cutest crochet hats, blankets, cowls, and custom order items! Check out her IG to see more of the custom dreams she’s made come true!

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.10.22 PM

Custom + Gorgeous jewelry by VagabondSupplyCo

I have so many rings from Julie and I have to say, they are amazing. Everyone compliments them!  Beautiful jewelry with incredible quality.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.18.49 PM

ReZip Eco-Friendly Bags

I love these ReZip bags!  I have been making a conscious effort to use less plastic and these have helped so much.  The bags are made out of food safe materials with NO BPA or harsh chemicals waiting to leech into your food.  They come in so many sizes and are durable, dishwasher safe, and really are an amazing gift.  Something people will never know they need but LOVE that you introduced them!


dōTERRA wellness

Essential oils are such a great gift to give someone!  They are personal, meaningful, and so POWERFUL! dōTERRA is not only an amazing company, but provides certified pure therapeutic grade oils and supplements to unlock lives!  dōTERRA has radically changed my life and I’d love to help you see that power unlocked for yourself or a loved one or friend! With any purchase you get an hour session with me to maximize essential oils in your life!

You can find out more about essential oils here. You can also read more in depth about essential oils here! If you’re ready to buy, let me know or use my dōTERRA website!

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 3.37.57 PM

Lightbox with letters!

I love this little thing! It’s just so cute, would be perfect for anyone’s office, home, or dorm! Available here at Target. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 10.12.12 PM.png

Candylab Wooden Cars

Lois got me a Candylab wooden station wagon and trailer last month and I LOVE IT. It’s so adorable, super fun, and just so dang cute!  This would be a perfect gift from a child to adult and looks stylish and innovative!


Well I hope those ideas get your brain churning with some new ideas! Comment below with what gifts you’ll be making or giving this year!



Finding Positivity in Challenging Times

louise-hay-quotes-self-esteem-choose-feel-good-habit I felt compelled to write this blog post because I thought others might need it.   We live in challenging times, but that’s a phrase that is used quiet often as there are always challenges in the world.  Now, it’s the global political climate, the hurricanes devastating parts of Texas, the Caribbean and Florida, the threat of our impact on the world, and countless other items that fuel news sites and keep people awake worrying.

I don’t mean to marginalize anyone’s challenges, in fact those are what make you, you.  Challenges ideally provide us an opportunity togrow, to make a choice.  There are some challenges that we are in control of, like reaching a goal at work, running an 8 minute mile, eating healthy, the list goes on and fills our days.  Those challenges become months, then years, and suddenly lifetimes.  That’s pretty heavy huh?

We spend our entire lives encountering challenges.  Let that sink in.  Life essentially is how you respond and live beside your challenges.  Whether you embrace them, conquer them, or let them consume you. That is your life.

Of course, there are the challenges you are not in control of.  These seem to be the issues that start to whittle away at us, because we have no power to directly change things.  I can’t decide to alone make world peace happen.  I can’t call North Korea and recommend that we all just “pipe the fuck the down.”  I can’t even force my mom/dog/the dude to do anything they don’t want to truly do.  I have no control over these situations.  Nothing I do can change a foreign leader’s mind – I cannot control it/him/them…. others.

I know what you’re thinking – my actions do control outcomes!  Well, yes and no.  You cannot control others.  Plan and simple. What you can control is your reaction and action towards others.   You can persuade someone, convince them to do things, but fundamentally, you are not in the driver’s seat for them.

So what am I really going on about?   The only thing you have control over is yourself.

You only have the power to control your actions, reactions, and purpose.  You are ONLY in charge of YOU.

What?  It’s true, yes even if you have kids – especially if you have others depending on you, I’m sure you know that you can’t really control them and trying to do so makes every situation worse.

So what do you do?  You focus on yourself first.

You are 100% in charge of your own reactions to a situation.  You can choose to be upset, you can choose to facilitate anger, disappointment, or fear.  You can choose to react anyway you want.  I’m sure you see where I am going with this – your choices do  have consequences or further reactions.

So how do you find positivity in challenging times?

You choose that for yourself and set the intention of positivity.

Instead of watching the hurricane coverage and feeling sad, scared or angry, you could start a local Facebook group to collect toiletries for the victims stranded in Houston and surrounding areas.

Instead of feeling like you hate your job and dread going to work each day, you could start challenging yourself to learn one new skill and use it each day.  Or you could make a list of all the reasons why you are such an amazing asset to the company and then spend your free time looking for a new job that will recognize that list.

Instead of feeling consumed by guilt and fear over money, you could honor yourself to create a realistic budget and exercise it.

I could go on forever.  Now this doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days.  It doesn’t mean that every single moment is a ray of sunshine or that the state of our world is in any different shape.  However, I think you’ll find that as you start to react intentionally and with positivity, you can dramatically change the way the world impacts you and thus how you give back to it.



Happy 30th Lovie!

I’m writing a very happy birthday blog to my best friend Tannith today!


What an amazing lady you are Tannith.  I so appreciate the kindness you offer to me, the time you spend despite being a super busy mom and wife, and the true friendship that we have.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’ve only been this close for four years!  I can’t imagine my life without you in it.  You make everyone around you a better person plus you bring such joy to other’s lives.


I think the best thing about you is that you constantly cheer others on, because you genuinely care for other’s successes and happiness.  You have been there for me when basically no one but my mom was in my corner.  You have walked beside me, dragged me, and helped me through so many days.  I just want you to know that you are so special to me and the friendship we have is something I’m so grateful for each day.


Cheers to 30!  I know that this side of 30 will be the best and that the potential you have will lead you to exactly what continues to make you the best person I know.


Thank you for being you Tannith, you smart, funny, delightful wizard you!  I love you girl! I’m so happy to be in your life. Have such an awesome day. ❤


Things I’m Loving 8.18.2017

Another edition of Things I’m Loving right now!

I am so happy it’s Friday.  This week has been just weird. Work has been tough – which can be inspiring, but it can also wear me down.  I’m ready for some days off.

Millet Tots

What the fuck is millet? Isn’t that mouse feed? You know the corn cob looking blocks you get for a hamster? Perhaps? BUT, I recently found these millet tots and I love them.  They are like grown up healthy versions of tater tots, I can get down with that.  They come in a few variations – King Soopers/Kroger has them plus all my local health food stores including Whole Foods. I just am digging them in my breakfasts with eggs and some green chili. *drools

Plus Colorado made!

Vega Hydration

Being a Vega fanboy takes a lot of time and energy without any the glory of free items, but I’m still a huge Vega fanboy.  These hydration mixes aren’t new to me, but I find that as it continues to be hot I need the something extra to put electrolytes back in.  I love the to-go packets the most – I can add them to any water bottle and they aren’t too sweet or leave gross after taste in my mouth or Nalgene.  Come in berry and lemon-lime flavors!

Podcast – The Secret to Victory


To say I’ve been tested at work lately has to be one of the biggest understatements I’ve made this year. It’s part of the reason I love my job – I’m challenged all the time.  It can be hard to deal with misses and failures though, that shit doesn’t fit into my straight A living lifestyle (yes I still grade myself).  I loved hearing how these athletes got through it and ultimately got so much better.  The premiere episode is about Peyton + Eli Manning’s rookie years, pure gold.  Did you know Peyton still holds the record for most interceptions for a rookie? He hopes someone new will break the record for him soon.

Instant Pot + Paleo Cooking with your Instantpot

First things first, I have wanted an Instantpot for over 2 years. I technically have one since my autocanner is an electric pressure cooker, but that’s not really meant for the same kind of cooking the Instantpot is.  What is the Instantpot? It’s an electric pressure cooker – surprise!  I haven’t done any cooking with a pressure cooker – as a kid my grandma had one, but I guess I never paid attention to the foods she’d cook in there.

At any rate.  I finally splurged (aka used an Amazon gift card) and bought this one. I’ve used it every day for the past 10 days. From haricot vertes, spaghetti squash, and chicken tika masala – I have been loving it!  I made green chili in 30 minutes in there on Monday and it was so great. I got this book (I’m dairy free now). The chicken tika masala is the best we’ve ever had.

I’d highly recommend both the pressure cooker and the book!

Well hope everyone had a better week than me.  I’m heads down on a secret project that I can’t wait to share, but I noticed I never blogged about my quilts from the holidays so you’ll see those soon!

Happy Friday!





Riding to End Diabetes: Tour de Cure 2017

me and my uncle scooter pie at the 2016 Tour de Cure

It’s that time of year!  Tour de Cure Time!!

For those of you new to this blog, Tour de Cure is an annual bike ride to support the effort to find a cure, prevention, and treatment for Diabetes.

You can donate to me directly here. 

Each year I have to reflect on why I ride for this cause. The answer is simple – it’s for my family and for all the families that have been affected by diabetes.  Diabetes is not a disease only for the obese, the old, or the ‘unhealthy.’  Diabetes strikes anyone at anytime no matter their fitness or health habits.  While we know there are prevention items that lower the risk, we still see that every 19 SECONDS someone is diagnosed with diabetes.

3 people per minute.
180 people per hour.
4,320 people per day.
1,576,800 people per year.

1 in 11 Americans has Diabetes.
1 in 4 adults who has Diabetes doesn’t know it.
1 in 3 adults is at risk of developing Diabetes.
And it must be stopped.

I’m lucky that I’m able to live a diabetes-free life.  I’m lucky that I don’t know what it’s like to be at risk, that I don’t have to worry about DYING due to complications that the rest of us couldn’t begin to understand.

I ride for the 29 million people in the USA that have diabetes.

I ride for the one person I knew who struggled with diabetes until his death – my grandpa. You can see his story here. 

Every dollar that you can donate for the ADA goes directly towards:


Since the American Diabetes Association launched its Research Programs in 1952, it has funded nearly 4,500 research projects, investing more than $700 million in diabetes research.

In 2014 alone, the Association funded 376 new and continuing research grants and made nearly $30 million in diabetes research funding available through its four major grant programs: the Core Research Program, the Pathway to Stop Diabetes? Program, Research Co-Support, and Collaborative Targeted Research. These funds supported 364 investigators at 143 leading academic research institutions across the U.S.


The Association provides the public and health care professionals with the most up-to-date information to help take a stand against diabetes through our Center for Information and Community Support (1-800-DIABETES) and two web sites, and, as well as via consumer and professional books and periodicals. The organization has offices in communities across the country and serves the public through a multitude of programs and activities including American Diabetes Association Expos, Diabetes Camps, and outreach to high-risk populations through its Por tu Familia, Live Empowered! and Native American initiatives. In 2014, 5,400 youth attended one of the 50 Association Camps hosted in 24 states.


The Association fights on behalf of the diabetes community to increase federal funding for diabetes research and programs, improve comprehensive health care and insurance coverage, and to end discrimination against people with diabetes. Explore the Advocacy section on our main ADA website and learn what is being done on a local and national level to support people with diabetes, and also learn how you can get involved in those efforts.

You can donate to me here.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you again for all your support in this effort to end diabetes!!


What I’m loving right now

Okay, this is me being a big fat copy cat. 😽 I follow a few other blogs that do this feature and I thought I would get in on the fun!

I usually try to shove the things I love down everyone’s throats on Instagram but here is a consolidated version with some extras I probably haven’t shared!

A Court of Thorns and Roses Series


I seriously cannot get enough of this series. IT IS SO GOOD. Honestly, one of the best series I’ve read in a while. I’m a huge fantasy fan so this meets the mark with Fae Realms, supernatural powers, and conquering your own demons.  The entire series is amazing each book better than the last. At the end of book 2 I got up, walked over to the dude and said ‘THAT BOOK WAS SO GOOD. OH MY GOD, OH MYYYYY GOD” I then proceeded to tell him the plot, but I couldn’t there is just so many backstories, and the book unfolds with them all. It’s just great. This is going down in my hall of fame (my place for books that get read over and over).


Ello Camping Mug


This is the second year that Target has carried this mug from Ello.  Last year I treated myself to a pink version and use it all the time.  I went back a few weeks after the initial purchase to get another, since I now have reached the stage in my life where I buy multiples of things I love, and they were gone. I was sad, but eagerly awaited this summer season to see if they would return. THEY DID!

Keeps things cold or hot for hours. Plus the handle is made from cork. The top never leaks and I love the camping enamel finish. Got the teal the second time around.

MillaMia Yarn

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.49.48 PM

Lois introduced my to MillaMia last year (she made those amazing Christmas ornaments for everyone) and then got me a bunch of it to make cowls for I had a bunch left over from then and am now making the So Faded sweater with the surplus I had. But I LOVE this yarn. I’ve found it on for $3 a skein and bought a whole bunch more in green, purple, and grey to make another So Faded sweater in the near future.  They have a bunch of free patterns available here. Try not to giggle like an idiot at the baby stuff.

Vintage Pattern FREE-FOR-ALL

I’ve been getting tagged a lot lately (thank you for those who have) in the huge public online release of both vintage knit and sew patterns.  SO AMAZING. Especially considering that people ask for a lot of money for vintage patterns.

South Hampton’s Knitting Reference Library

Free Vintage Knitting


Vintage Patterns Wikia

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 3.04.39 PM



The dude brought home this chia + flax seed mix a while ago and I have since re-purchased multiple bags of this. I just love it. It feels like a treat! It’s been a huge staple for me since giving up processed sugar for good plus with the Omega-3s! It’s a great treat.

What are some things that you have been loving?

So Faded Sweater – Work in Prog

I have a confession.  I’ve never finished a knit sweater.  I have started two vintage patterns, probably a dozen pet sweaters, and have completed the Heliopath – Luna’s vest from the Harry Potter Knitting book, but never actually successfully knitted something that wasn’t an accessory.

At any rate – I saw a Knitterly ad on Facebook for this sweater when I was in Iowa in May – I LOVED IT.  I quickly found Drea Renee’s website and now am a cult fan. I’m probably in 30 hours on this sweater in total.  I have 2 inches of ribbing on the body, 7 inches on each sleeve, and then the neck ribbing to complete. I’m guessing another 5-10 hours.


Specs on Time/Cost during WIP

Supplies List

Random Comments about pattern:

  • super easy make one left/right increase pattern
  • loved the in-pattern commentary about color changing and tips for success
  • love the texture of the sleeves being garter stitch
  • I did have a confusion point on the sleeves, as written in the pattern I felt they were not symmetrical – but decided to make the sleeve location on the body symmetrical and feel that was the right thing.  It probably was what the pattern had meant, but of course I interpreted differently as there were no corrections online regarding this.
  • Drea Renee – available I reached out to her about the sleeves (albeit not helpful in my description!) but she replied.





just ribbing, sleeves, and neckline to go!!