Hello world!

I guess I am now a blogger….

What led me to want to blog?  I see so many great blogs on the web these days, but no one that is quite into the same things I am.  My goal for this blog is not only to record a time of my life in which transition is plentiful, but to also discover a medium I have not yet experienced.

These are a few topics and issues I plan on including here that currently interest me the most:

  • Tattoos
  • Animals
  • Baking/Cooking
  • Music (Metal/Rock/Dance – odd combo I know)
  • Art/Design
  • Homemaking skills
  • Economics/Social Responsibility/Sustainability

I’ll introduce myself a little more.  I’m Brianna – currently a graduate student writing my thesis for my MA in Economics.  I also take care of my grandmother during the days and have grown and learned so much from being able to be with her during the past year.  I have the pleasure of owning and obeying a pug – Leopold and a sphinx cat – Vladimir.  Currently I live in Denver, Colorado; but in the Fall 2012 I will be moving to Chicago, Illinois for an adventure  and potential socially responsible jobs (come on NGO/GO consultant position!).  I am very anxious about moving, but so excited to meet new people, live in a new neighborhood, and finally become an adult (whatever that means).  I’m getting back on the whole ‘fitness’ wagon too, so I would imagine I’ll be sharing that here as well.

Well here goes nothing!

Below are photos of my pets and me!


And this is Me! With of course my little guy Leopold.