The Summer Hell Froze Over

Well I’m back.  And mostly because I’ve had many people ask why I stopped blogging or have asked me to begin again.  I am thankful for your responses, kindness, and understanding.  I’ll put it nicely – this summer stunk.  I lost my two best friends – one a grandmother/employer/bud and the other a boyfriend.  They say when it rains, it pours – it was somewhere along Biblical Noah’s Ark proportions for me. Dramatic? I think not! 


BUT – I’m getting over it.  Things are drying out and I’m slowly, but surely getting right back on track with everything.  My thesis, which felt like it had cobwebs sitting all over the file is now being worked on and improved… graduation anyone? 

Don’t get me wrong I did some really fun stuff this summer.  Mostly starting with my birthday.  I traveled, got to know some awesome people even better, got a new tattoo and got everything lined up to finish my sleeve, realized everything I was missing by not focusing on myself, and figuring out just how strong I really am.  I owe a huge THANK YOU to all my family and friends that literally picked me off the floor and made me participate in how great life is. 

So starting back it will be all the things you loved or at least liked – photos, creepy animals, tattoos, music, events, trips, and thesis updates.  I’m still moving around the end of the year (fingers crossed) – I’m leaning heavily towards Chicago because that is where my industry is and I love that town, but I can’t get Austin out of my head! We shall see what unfolds because like this summer taught me, nothing goes quite as planned. 

Roll the photos!


Some of the AMAZING food I ate this summer.

ImageMost amazing rocking punk rock kids at School of Rock at the Toad Tavern.



Dragon Boat Races at Sloans Lake.



Awesome Tiki book – I think I’ll go ahead and become Tiki-styled.



All the Buds at my Birthday at Red Rocks for Anchorman – thanks again peeps.



Wet Film on the Rocks.



Conifer Barefoot and Blues Musicfest. FUN!






New tattoo – THANKS Alisha Rice at Th’ink Tank in Denver.



Sold all my stuff – So liberating. Just have clothes/pets/tv now. 🙂



Was forced to play this highly addictive game by some no good girls! 😉



Labor Day Weekend with Chani in Durango!


I’m ready for fall now and I’m glad to be back in the swing of me. 



2 thoughts on “The Summer Hell Froze Over

  1. I am happy you are back as well, and you are stronger and more focused than you know! I wish you all good things, always. I look forward to the continuation of the blog, wherever you land, (I am voting for Chicago, I so love that city…lol) xoxo

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