A Tale of Two Brothers

In honor of our last few days as a family of four I thought I would tell the story of two brothers – Leopold & Vladimir.

First there was a little spoiled pug named Leopold William Edward VIII.


He was the epitome of an only child – not having to share any toys or treats.


He even had his very own life vest and personal pool wrangler in the summer. (So spoiled)

But one day – a new creature appeared that everyone kept saying was his brother, Vladimir.


It was hard to understand how this thing was his brother since they didn’t look anything alike and he looked kind of scary.


At first it was awkward and there was lots of staring and sniffing.


But slowly they started not minding each other – especially if mom was around.


And one time Vladimir hurt his foot, but Leopold took care of him and made sure he was going to be as good as new.


After that, Vladimir knew that Leopold was his brother – and started treating him like one.





They even had to wear matching outfits  – how embarrassing!


But over the past 4 years Leopold and Vladimir have grown to love each other very much and they are really brothers.


The End.

It will be so fun to have them meet their new ‘brother’ on Saturday – the story will only get better.


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